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1. Health requirements

Good health is required of the students. Before coming into China, applicants must have a physical examination at the local hospital in their home country and get a formal certificate (the vacant Foreigner Physical Examination Form can be downloaded).

After they enter China, according to the requirements of the Chinese government, they must get the Foreigner Physical Examination Form verified or have another physical examination at their own cost.

Anyone who fails to meet the health standards for foreign students required by the Ministry of Education of China must leave China immediately. The travel expenses will be paid by the students themselves.

2. Related diseases

1) Quarantinable infectious diseases: plague, cholera, yellow fever.

2) Infectious diseases to be monitored: influenza, poliomyelitis, dengue, typhinia, typhus, malaria.

3) Diseases leading to exit from China: mental disorder, leprosy, AIDS, venereal diseases, contagious tuberculosis.

Other health requirements for foreign medical students shall be the same as those for Chinese medical students.

3. Notes for having physical examination in applicants’ home country

The following requirements must be followed. Otherwise the documents will be regarded as invalid.

1) Foreigner Physical Examination Form must be issued by a public hospital or a health center. If the record was issued by a private hospital, the medical practitioner’s signature and special notarization are both needed.

2) The photo in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form must bear an official stamp on the perforation. Sample:



3) Original report of blood test for HIV and SYPHILIS which bears the official stamp is required.

4) Original report of chest X-ray test for TUBERCULOSIS which bears the official stamp is required.

5) The official stamp on the above-mentioned documents should be the same.

6) The validity of the above-mentioned documents is six months.

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