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    The Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University

    The Children's Hospital from Shanghai Medical University was established in 1956 and is affliated with the Chongqing Medical Universtiy (CHCMU). It is one of the top pediatric hospitals as well as leading research and teaching institutions in China. The CHCMU was one of the first pediatric departments in China to offer MD and PhD programs and postdoctoral trainings. It received national excellency awards several times for its public health services.

    The CHCMU is a 800-bed pediatric hospital that has annual outpatient visits of over 900,000 and 30,000 inpatient. Among its 1242 faculty, the hosptial has 180 faculty at ranks of full professor and associate professor. There are 21 PhD advisor faculty and 12 national recognized faculty members receive government allowance. Many faculty membrs are actively involved in Chinese national professional societies and hold leadership positions in Chinese Pediatric Societies within the Chinese Medical Association.

    As a comprehensive pediatric hospital, CHCMU is designated as the only one in the region that is qualified for providing medical care for foreign nationals. It is also the center under national network for pediatric critical care, asthma, laser applications, intensive care for newborns and premature babies. The hospital has 28 clinical divisions and departments that provide services ranging internal and surgical medicine, infection and digestion, critical care, ENT, stomotology, ophthalmology, stomatology, psychology. It enjoys good reputation in the nation in providing medical treatment for pediatric immunology deficiency, mental diseases, lukemia, tumor, nutrition and growth, hypersensitivity disease.It combines extraordinary medical expertise including treatment for neonatal disease, complex pneumonia, liver transplantation, complex congenital heart disease, uropoiesis abnomity, orthopedics in western China.

    CHCMU trains about 200 MD or PhD graduate students and 100 speciality fellows each year. The students and fellows are from different parts of the country. The hospital is designated by State Ministry of Health as one the training centers offering standard professional training for residents, nurses and other medical staff members.

    The Pediatric Research Institute of CHCMU is the base for the pediatric research. As the key specialty in Chongqing, its research in immunology ranks the first in the nation. The research in the areas of neurology, oncology, nutrition and critical care are also nationally recognized. In recent five years, the hospital ranks the first among national pediatric circle in receiving research grants of the "State 863", "the State 15th "Joint Porject, NIH of USA, International Nutrition Research Foundation, and the National Science Foundation Committee. The faculty at CHCMU published over 300 CSCD and SCI research papers and won the second prize for science and technology advance at national level and over 30 prizes at provincial and city level.

    CHCMU has extensive international programs. Each year, CHCMU invites over 40 overseas scholars for academic exchange and sends over 50 faculty members for overseas trainings and attending meetings. The hostpial has developed cooperative relationship with overseas institutes in over 20 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia. In the past three years, it hosted five international conferences successfully.

    CHCMU adheres to the mission of "all for children" and resolves to achieve greater levels of excellence in patient care, trainig, and research.