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Application Procedures for Living off Campus

1. 留学生申请校外住宿必须向留学生办公室提出书面申请;

Students who apply for living off campus must submit a written application to the Overseas Students’ Office.


With the approval, applicants can get an application form from the Office.


After filling out the form, applicants must get it signed by related departments of the university as well as get themselves registered in the local police station as required.


Applicants must return to the Overseas Students’ Office the signed application form with photos in duplicate and a copy of lease agreement.


If living addresses are changed, students must repeat the above procedure.


Students who live off campus without permission must write a letter of apology and will get corresponding disciplinary punishment, in accordance with the regulation of CQMU; those who break the law of People’s Republic of China are subjected to justice.

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