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The First Affiliated Hospital

The First Affiliated Hospital of CQMU was founded in 1957 by the First Shanghai Medical University (currently renamed “the Medical School of Fudan University”) in Chongqing. After 50-plus years’ construction and development, the hospital has become the largest comprehensive hospital with most advanced equipment and powerful technology in Chongqing Municipality and one of the top ranking hospitals in China. Based on this, the Hospital Group of the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University has been founded in March 2013, which consists of one main hospital, 3 branch hospitals (the First Branch Hospital, Jinshan Hospital, Qinggang Senior Care Center) and 6 entrusted hospitals (Dazu Hospital, HAIFU Hospital, Qijiang Hospital, Wansheng Hospital, Youyang Hospital and Hechuan Hospital).

The Main Hospital


The main hospital has 35 clinical divisions, 8 medico-technical divisions, 3200 authorized beds. It has served about 2,586,300 outpatients and 111,200 in-patients, and has practiced 75,300 surgical operations in 2013. The hospital attaches great importance to the balanced development of medical care, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care. It also has 21 teaching hospitals and 74 instructional hospitals in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and other neighboring provinces. Meanwhile, it values international communication and cooperation highly and has become a designated hospital of the International Emergency Assistance of the National Health and Family Planning Commission in China and International SOS Pte Ltd.

Medical Service

Being the treatment center for complicated, urgent and critical diseases in Western China, and the primary hospital for the treatment of SARS, H1N1 influenza and other major contagious diseases, the hospital always keeps abreast of the latest progress of medical research, actively conducting sophisticated techniques in such areas as organ transplantation, Interventional diagnosis and treatment, minimal invasive surgery, IVF, painless treatment and so on. With 17 National Clinical Key Specialties (Obstetrics, Critical Care Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Specialized Nursing, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Thoracic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology, Neurology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Respiratory Medicine, Otolaryngology, Oncology, Medical Imaging and Geriatrics), 10 national training bases, 17 provincial medical quality control centers, 25 medical diagnosis and treatment centers and 3 national key disciplines (Infectious diseases, Neurology and Traditional Chinese Medicine), the hospital demonstrate its powerful technique abilities.

The hospital has world-class medical equipment such as Flash Dual Source CT, PET-CT, 3.0T MRI, CNC Medical Linear Accelerator, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound therapeutic system (HIFU), IGRT, SPECT and Flat-panel Detector DSA System etc.


The hospital has many renowned scholarsresearchers and experienced doctors with profound scientific attainments such as “National Distinguished Young Scholars”, “Member of the Disciplinary Appraisal Panels under the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council”, “Changjiang scholar”, “Expert with Outstanding Contributions granted by Ministry of Health” etc. There are 244 professors, 348 associate professors, 46 Ph.D. supervisors and 298 Master supervisors in the hospital. 42 experts enjoy the State Council Special Allowance. 37 are the first batch of academic pacesetters and backup talents in Chongqing. A total of 49 faculty members work as directors or associate directors of Chongqing Medical Association.

Teaching and Research

The hospital has shown its leading role in the researches on Neuroscience, Oncology, Lipid and Glucose metabolism, Ophthalmology and Critical Care Medicine, etc., forming five predominant disciplinary groups based on these disciplines. A clinical mobile post-doctoral centre, 32 doctoral programs, 35 master programs and 45 provincial or municipal key disciplines have been set up and supervised in the hospital, which contributes to the cultivation of talents of different levels. The hospital also owns 4 research institutes13 research laboratories and 5 Chongqing municipal medical key laboratories. Moreover, the hospital sponsors the Journal of Chinese Endocrinological Surgery.

In the last five years, the hospital has been granted approximately 849 scientific research projects, including National Natural Science Foundation Projects and National Key Scientific and Technological Projects. The hospital has won approximately 59 scientific and technical awards at all levels, including the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. The quantity of its published journals ranks the 7th among Chinese medical establishments in according to the statistic of CSCD publications in 2012.


The hospital had been awarded numerous distinguished honors such as being entitled as “One Hundred Best Hospitals in China”, “Advanced Collective of the National Health System”, “Advanced Unit in National Hospital Administration Assessment”, “Advanced Unit in National Hospital Culture Construction” etc.

The First Branch Hospital

The First Branch Hospital, a 2A-Level comprehensive hospital, is a specialized cadre health care hospital directly under the authority of Chongqing municipality. It assumes the health care tasks for leaders and for 220,000 community residents. With 11 clinical departments and medico-technical departments, the hospital now has 165 open beds, a Health Research Institute of the Chongqing Municipal and Jiazhou Second Out-patient Department and is equipped with such large scale medical equipments as spiral CT, CR system, and color Doppler instrument and so on. The hospital strives to provide high-quality, efficient, convenient medical services for all the patients.

Jinshan Hospital

Jinshan Hospital is the only comprehensive international hospital integrating medical treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and health care in Chongqing Municipality. Characterized by its special and state of art medical services, Jinshan Hospital as a public hospital serves not only for Chinese people but also for foreigners. It has a team of experienced medical experts who are also proficient in foreign languages. With professional medical guide service and one-for-one consultation, Jinshan Hospital can meet the need of different patients.

Qinggang Senior Care Center

Qinggang Senior Care Center is the first high-class comprehensive nursing home affiliated to a major public hospital in China and is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). With 3000 authorized beds and covering an area of 71.53 hectare, it consists of General Senior Care Center, Lake-side Senior Care Center, Academic Communication Center and Rehabilitation Hospital etc., which would be constructed in three phrases. It also combines health preserving, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical care, recreation together, providing first class service for seniors. With the advanced facilities, scenic view and sincere services, it will be the Eden for seniors to lead a happy life there.

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