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The Second Affiliated Hospital

The Second Affiliated Hospital of CQMU was founded in 1892 and named then Kuanren Hospital (the Hospital of Benevolence). With a history of over 120 years, the hospital has developed into a modern 3A Hospital, which integrates medical services, teaching, research, disease prevention and health care.


The hospital has 41 clinical divisions and medical laboratories. It has a registered capacity of 1,380 beds, with more than one million outpatients, 45,000 inpatients and 20,000 operations annually. It is equipped with modern medical devices worth 400 million yuan.


Some of its staff members have been selected into the national programs of Project for Millions of Talented People, China National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and the Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions at the National Level. Besides, at least 20 experts enjoy the State Council Special Allowance. There are more than 300 professors and associate professors.


The hospital offers 27 Ph.D. programs, 29 Master's programs and postdoctoral training in Clinical Medicine. There are about 150 Ph.D. and master supervisors. Each year, more than 250 students are conferred Master’s or Doctor’s degree.


The hospital has one key laboratory of Ministry of Education (i.e. Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases), two state key disciplines (i.e. Infectious Diseases and Neurology), 16 municipal key disciplines as well as 15 municipal medical centers (e.g. Chongqing Therapy & Research Center for Liver Diseases, Chongqing Arrhythmia Therapy Center and Chongqing Minimally Invasive Surgery Center). It is the national institution for clinical experimentation of drugs. The hospital runs the Institute for Viral Hepatitis of CQMU, Institute for Ultrasonic Engineering in Medicine of CQMU and Institute for Ultrasonography.

More than 600 research projects have been accomplished, including some national major projects of science and technology in the 11th “Five-year Plan”, National Basic Research Program (known as “973 Program”), National Hi-Tech Research and Development Program (known as “863 Program”), and National Natural Science Foundation, with more than 100 million yuan research fund in total. The hospital has also got 68 awards, such as the Second Prize of National Technical Innovation, the Third Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in China, and the First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in Chongqing.


It sponsored three journals: Chinese Journal of Hepatology, Journal of Clinical Ultrasound Medicine and Liver Doctor.

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