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The Affiliated Children's Hospital

The Affiliated Children's Hospital of CQMU, established in 1956, is rated as the 3A Hospital in China. It is a 1,400-bed pediatric hospital with the annual outpatient and inpatient visits of over 1.9 million and 59,000 respectively. It is the only one in Chongqing that is qualified for providing medical services for foreign children.


It has 2,365 staff, including 240 professors or associate professors, 25 Ph.D. supervisors and 14 experts enjoying the State Council Special Allowance. Many faculty members are actively involved in national professional societies and hold leadership positions in Chinese Society of Pediatrics and Chinese Medical Association. They also work as chief editor or deputy chief editor of Chinese Journal of Pediatrics and the textbooks of Pediatrics.

Medical Services

The hospital is also the emergency care center for children, the center of asthma prevention and treatment and the intensive care center for newly-born and premature babies. It has 42 clinical departments and medical laboratories. It is well-known in China for its medical treatment for pediatric immunology deficiency, liver transplantation, cranial nervous system diseases, leukemia, tumor, nutrition and growth and neonatal diseases. It takes the lead in the treatment for complex pneumonia, complex congenital heart disease, and orthopedics in Western China.

It has been actively involved in charity activities including “Tomorrow Plan,” “Smiling Train,” “Reborn Action,” and “Leukemia Foundation” sponsored by either government or non-profit foundations. In 2009, “Funds of Little Angel” was established to provide medical help to disadvantaged children.


Among the first institutions to offer Master's, Doctor's and postdoctoral programs in China, it undertakes the education of about 400-500 undergraduates, seven-year program students and postgraduates each year. Its College of Pediatrics is the state continuing education center of pediatrics and the largest training center for pediatric doctors in Western China.


The hospital takes the lead in China in its researches in immunology, neurology, phymatology, nutrition and emergency science. Some research projects reach the advanced international level. It ranks nationally first in the field of pediatrics in a number of projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, including the only two key projects. Besides, in the last five years, the hospital accomplished 863 Projects supported by the 11th Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, two projects supported by Project for Millions of Talented People of New Century.” The faculty members have published 653 CSCD and SCI research papers and 34 academic works. The hospital won the state and municipal awards over 30 times, including the first prize for Progress in Science and Technology in Chongqing as well as Soong Ching Ling Pediatrics Award.

International Cooperation

It has established cooperative relationship with institutes in over 20 countries and regions. Each year, the hospital invites over 40 foreign experts to Chongqing for academic exchanges and arranges over 50 visits abroad for training, giving lectures and attending academic conferences. In the past three years, it has successfully held five international academic conferences.

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