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The Affiliated Yongchuan Hospital

The Affiliated Yongchuan Hospital, covering an area of 62,000 m2, located in Yongchuan, the transportation hub of western Chongqing, is the upper first-class general hospital integrating medical service, first aid, education and scientific research. Founded in 1939, it is the central hospital of western Chongqing in the health regional planning of Chongqing Municipality and is now recognized as a network hospital of International Emergency-relief Center and standardized training base for general practitioners by the Ministry of Health, and is also the regional infectious diseases hospital in western Chongqing and Emergency Medical Center of Yongchuan Branch.

Medical Service

The hospital has 37 subjects, 44 clinical and medical departments and 12 function departments. With more than 1500 beds, the annual outpatients, inpatients and operations number 590,000, 33,000 and 14,600 respectively. It provides with medical services for more than 10 million people in Yongchuan and nearby regions in neighbor province.

The hospital focuses on the treatment of incurable diseases and severe cases, and integrates medical service, education, research and preventive health care. It is equipped with modern medical devices being worth some billion CNY, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), multilayer spiral CT, DR, X-ray digital subtraction device, C-arm X-ray machine, ophthalmic excimer laser treatment, vitrectomy instrument, cancer precise radiotherapy systems, surgical microscopes, color B-ultrasonics, phacoemulsification instrument, multi-functional blood dialysis machines, invasive/non-invasive ventilator, and various endoscopes.

In recent years, a total of 2 billion CNY has been invested in the infrastructure construction. The modern hospital complexes, the Command Center for Emergency Rescue, Infectious Diseases Building, Department of Radiotherapy and Teaching Building have been built. Currently under construction is the Medical Technology Building with more than 700 new beds. And a new branch hospital with 1000 beds in the new town of Yongchuan is being planned, thus the overall beds of the hospital will research 2500 in the next few years.


It has more than 1,500 staff and faculty members. Over 150 of them have senior professional title, over 330 have intermediate titles, over 160 hold doctor’s and master’s degree, and about 140 people holding a post in academic communities including Surgery Expert Committee of Chinese Surgeon Association and Chongqing Branch of Chinese Medical Association.


The hospital undertakes teaching tasks for more than 1000 nurses, medical undergraduates and master candidates. It offers 15 master programs including cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, neurology and respiratory medicine etc. There are 63 postgraduate supervisors and 2 experts enjoying the State Council Special Allowances.


With the principle that technology and education make the hospital flourishing, the hospital has firstly carried out advanced technologies in the western region of Chongqing, namely, liver and kidney transplantation, heart surgery by cardiopulmonary bypass, bone marrow stem cell transplantation, endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive intracranial hematoma and brain stem tumor resection, cardiac pacemaker implantation, phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation, tumor intervention, spinal deformity correction surgery, arthroplasty, limb replantation, cancer conformal radiation therapy, breast cancer and mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. Over 130 academic papers have been published every year. In Yongchuan Hospital, hemoglobin variants were firstly discovered in the world, which were named as Hemoglobin-Sichuan and Hemoglobin-Chongqing separately and was published in the American Journal of Hematology HEMOGLOBIN. In recent years, dozens of research projects have been completed, including clinical research on radical sphincter preservation of low rectal cancer surgery, text management system on computer diagnosis of bone marrow cell morphology, and automatic instrument & medicine radionuclide.

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