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How to Claim in CQMU

一、理赔应备文件Documents to be presented for settlement of claims

1. 住院材料原件:《诊疗证明书》、《出院证》、《出院记录》、《住院医药费专用收据》、《住院费用明细清单》以及《住院病人费用小项统计》。

Original copies of the documents for hospitalization: Diagnoses and Treatment Certificate, Hospital Discharge Certificate, Hospital Discharge Records, payment receipts of hospitalization expenses, Detailed Daily Hospitalization Expenses, and Breakdown List of Hospitalization Expenses.

2. 被保险人护照复印件

Photocopy of passport of the insured.

3 .被保险人银行存折首页复印件、学号及联系电话

Photocopy of main page of bank book, Student Number and phone number of the insured.

二、理赔程序Claim Procedure


Present the above-mentioned documents to Foreign Affairs Office to claim for compensation. The insurance company will settle the claim in about one month and will deposit the indemnity into the bank account of the insured.

三、信息反馈Information Feedback


Within three days after the indemnity is received, the insured should hand in a written note to Foreign Affairs Office which include the name, passport number, student number, date of receive and the amount of the indemnity.

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