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College of Basic Medicine

The College of Basic Medical (CBM), is from Shanghai First Medical College in 1956,now Shanghai medical College of Fudan University. More than 100 outstanding Shanghai teachers came to Chongqing devoting their life and talents to build and develop a new school. After 50 years of the development, the college of Basic Medical Sciences has become the largest teaching and research unit of Chongqing Medical University. Now it has 15 departments including Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Pathology, Pathophysiology, Pathogen Biology, Immunology, Forensic Medicine, Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Radiation Medicine, Cell Biology and Genetics, Electron Microscopy, Computer, Medical Physics and Mathematics. There are two laboratories run by the central and local governments (Morphology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and seven provincial level laboratories such as Functional Experiment Center, etc. The teaching and scientific hardware is advanced. Three courses such as Pathology, Histology and Embryology and Pathogen Biology were evaluated as the provincial discipline, and the former two have been approved by Sichuan province as model ones. The college has won many times the first prize for teaching reform at provincial level and has also edited and co-edited many textbooks for nationwide use. The pre-medicine teaching for 32 different majors from the PHD, graduates, undergraduates and foreign students is also the main task of the College of Basic Medical and its teaching hour has been as many as 50,000 hours per year. There are 4 doctoral programs including Pathogen Biology, Cell Engineering and Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Information, Biological Pharmacy, etc. and many master programs such as Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and etc. offering the opportunities for academic studies to more than 100 graduates per year. The CBM has also built up five provincial-level key disciplines and one provincial-level key laboratory. More than 60 scientific projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministries of Education and Public Health, Sichuan province and Chongqing Municipality are being successfully implemented. Each year more than 100 papers are published in the journals at home and abroad, among which 10% and 70% are included in SCI and CSCD. In recent years, 20 projects and a number of research programs have been positively evaluated, harvesting many prizes and awards.In some research areas, the college's leading position has been recognized at home, even abroad. Among more than 200 staff, 80% of teachers have master's or doctoral degree and senior teachers constitute 47% (including 32 professors, 47 associate professor). A number of well-known professors have been working in the college for many years and with their guidance and advice, many young professional have been listed into Chongqing municipality's "322" Talent Project. Now the established position of the College of Basic Medical Sciences has been recognized.
The college enrolls each year undergraduate students of forensic and basic medical sciences, training them to do teaching, research and forensic identification. It could also provide teachers and clinical occupationists training for foreigners. Our pathological diagnosis is at the advanced level in China's western area. The Department of Pathology also offers diagnostic services for the other areas of the country and accepts pathologists for their advanced studies. Chongqing Institute of Forensic Medicine, a subordinate of the college, can provide forensic judiciary identification and staff training. The Department of Genetics can provide patients with the diagnosis of genetic diseases; With its up-to-date electron microscopies, the department of Electron Microscopy can provide diagnosis for clinical treatment and ultrastructure for scientific studies; Computer Office can provide hundreds of computers to other schools for their theoretic and experimental use. School in Stem Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Pathology and Pathophysiology of cancer, tumor targeted therapy, germ pathogenesis mechanism, anti-infection immunity and gene vaccine, Drugs of genetic engineering and molecular genetics research is all at higher level in west areas. Its technical support and theoretical guidance are highly praised by the graduates and scifentific researchers . In addition, the college can provide anatomy specimens, sections of Histology and Embryology, specimens and sections of pathology, cytological and parasites specimens for other schools and is ready to welcome primary and secondary schools to come to use its equipment for their life science teaching.

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