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College of Laboratory Medicine

The College of Laboratory Medicine in CQMU was eatablished in approved by the State Education Commission and Ministry of Health P.R.C, initiated in China for the education and training of senior medical laboratory scientists and laboratory physicians leading to Bachelor of Medical Science as well as Master of Medicine (since 1986) and Doctoral degree (since 1990) in Medicine.

The College of Laboratory Medicine was approved and granted to be the Key institule of Sichuan province since 1992, Key Discipline of Chongqing Municipality (1999), and Key Laboratory (2000) and was granted as an unique Key Discipline of national degree in this academic field (2002), runs at the leading situation engaged in patient care, education and research.

During the rapid growth of the past decade, 5 departments was founed in the faculty, they are Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostic Molecular Biology,Clinical Hematology, Laboratory Diagnosis, Laboratory Instrumentation, Bioanalytical Chemistry. Besides that, a center of instrumental laboratory and a center laboratory of education and training for different subdiscipline and levels were accomplished on service.

There are 50 full time faculties in our faculty: 7 professors, 15 associate professor, 5 supervisors for post graduated study leading to doctoral degree, 11 supervisors for master degree.

Other interestion facts about the Faculty of Laboratory Medicine include:

1. 24 faculties were appointed as chief editors/associate editors for 9 professional journals, chief editors/associate editors for core professional textbooks.

2. 368 publication were published in the past five years.

3. 7 research programs in State Natural Scientific Foundation, 47 projects attached to province or State Ministries, 12 projects was awarded by state, ministry and province.

4. 1338 students are involved in courses ranging form bachelor to post doctor (or doctor) levels.

5. The research emphases in our faculty are grouped into following categories: the molecular mechanism and diagnostic criterion of bacterial transformation and toxin leading to damage of cell; the methodological research of material with biological activity. The origin and incucing differentiation of cancer, and the molecular diagnosis and treatment of cancer; the research of bacterial microecology and it's exploitation and application.

6.The close academic cooperation with Saint-Louis hospital(France), the Medical School of Kagoshima University(Japan), Medical Institute of Karolinska(Sweden), Chinese University of Hongkong,etc,have been set up.


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