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College of Nursing

The College of Nursing,CQMU is is founded in 1956, it was then a nursing technique school affiliated to the university and was promoted to the college in 2005. Through 50 year's development, the college gains a great reputation as a cultivating center of nurses, nursing educators, and nursing managers, etc. The good quality of education, beautiful scenery of campus and the elegant tradition guarantee her to be one of the outstanding nursing colleges in southwest China. There are now more than 7000 students on campus. The college is situated in the clinical college and first affiliated hospital, just next to the main campus of university and occupies 6507 square meters of land. In the teaching building, there are first class nursing labs which imitate the hospital's clinic, surgery, pediatric, operation room, ICU and O&G department. And still, we have the teaching and training center with all kind of equipments such as multi-parameter cardiac monitors, ventilators, multi-auscultation system, multifunction human care simulations, etc. to practice our students for clinic use. Currently, the group of dedicated faculties including 55 professors and associate professors, 242 lecturers and 8 supervisors for post-graduate students. 3 faculty members are studying for a master degree at home or aboard. With the help of CMB (China Medical Board of New York), 18 of our staff get the training in JNFF (Joint senior nursing class teacher scholarships project) and 2 staff get the critical and acute nursing training in Australia in collaborate with Huber College and so on. The schools are mainly structured by the management offices and teach & research group which is composed with fundamental nursing section and clinic nursing section. The school prepares nurses at a variety of academic levers including the advanced nursing, BSN (Bachelor of Science degree), MN (master degree), and PhD (doctor degree). In 2005, The School has been authorized as the chair institution running the BSN program of self-learning in Chongqing. Begin at 1984, as the model course qualified and awarded by Chongqing Educational Board, the advanced nursing course is specifically suit the needs of basic nurse which combines the latest clinical theory with traditional nursing values that emphasize holistic patient care. As well as, the BSN is a four-year program which gives students the opportunity to combine a strong theoretical base of biological and behavioral sciences with a foundation of People-oriented care. The distinct advantage of the MN course is it helps you keep pace with the changing demands of healthcare and the nursing profession. We feature a wide range of programs to enhance students' career goal such as Clinical Nurse Specialist, managemental nurse specialist and educational nurse specialist, etc. Meanwhile, the school demonstrated its leadership by conduct the national and provincial nursing continuing education program: the nursing project of LI Ka-shing Foundation, the training base of critical and acute nursing, the certificate center of midwives, and many kinds of specific nursing training projects. Except that, the school also strives to offer training opportunities for individual and group of minority area to better their work performs and so do the local hygiene. We also committed to providing a research intensive atmosphere that generates new knowledge in health care as related to direct clinical practice and public health policy. There are 26 research projects undergoing at present compare with more than 500 academic papers concerned with chronic disease, critical care, adolescent health and administrative resource and outcomes has published. With the effort of dean and the faculties, the multidisciplinary membership of investigators facilitates programmatic research are continuing flourish. The academic exchanges and continual co operations with other universities still be valued in there. We actively hold and participate in academic communication with USA, British, Australia, Hong Kong and Macao, etc. We also invited the oversea professors to participating in our teaching plan. With the drawn of new century and the development of the southwest China, The both obligation and responsibility motivate us to be a better Nursing school, to deliver the best healthcare to people.

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