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College of Foreign Languages

The College of Foreign Languages of Chongqing Medical University grew out of Department of Foreign Languages. The college offers foreign language courses for all the non-foreign language majors and English majors of the university ranging from PhD students to associate degree students, as well as Chinese courses for over 600 foreign students. In addition, it undertakes the language training programs for the affiliated hospitals. There are 4 sections in the college: College English Section, Post-graduate English Section, Medical English Section and English Major Section.
The College of Foreign Languages, adhering to the educational principle of being rigorous, practical, diligent and enterprising, has always committed itself to the ideal of “first-class education and first-class undergraduate teaching”, and is making great efforts to achieve high-quality education and high-level academic research.
The College has a staff of 62, including not only English teachers, but also those engaged in French, Japanese and Russian teaching. Besides, eight foreign teachers are employed for teaching at different levels. The four-year bachelor’s degree program on English Language (Medical English) was launched in 2002, followed by the “English as a Second Major” program. Currently, number of undergraduates in school is about 200. The Master of Translation and Interpreting Program started in 2015.   
The College is active in developing communications with domestic and overseas colleges and universities. Our joint training programs entitled “3+1+1”and “4+1” with Swansea University of the U.K. are now in good operation.
The College is always ready to update educational concept. The teaching reforms and disciplinary construction of the College have shifted into high gear. The graded teaching reform of College English as well as Chinese teaching reform for foreign students begins to bear fruit. As a result, the comprehensive language skills of the students are enhanced significantly. The College also attaches great importance to the cultivation of team spirit, constantly promoting the creativity and competitiveness of the whole team.

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