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Department of Physical Education

The Physical Education department (hereinafter to be referred as PE Department) of Chongqing Medical University, established in 1997, was developed by the former PE Office of Basic Medical College. 
Currently, PE Department has a staff of 28 individuals, including 10 associate professors, 13 lecturers, and 1 assistant professor. Among the staff, there is one master's tutor majored in Sports Medicine; 18 with master's degree; 3 national referees, 18 first-grade referees, 1 national first-grade fitness instructor, and 21 lifeguards.
The old campus of our school has a standardized 400-meter synthetic track field, an artificial grass football field, 8 multifunctional outdoor synthetic basketball fields, 4 volleyball courts, 6 badminton courts, 26 ping-pong tables, a synthetic tennis court; a standardized swimming pool with a circulating water system, and a simple sports practice court.
The new campus in Daxuecheng Town has a multifunctional gymnasium (with the training function of basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, aerobics and fitness dance), a standardized 400-meter synthetic track field, an synthetic grass football field, 19 outdoor synthetic basketball fields, 6 volleyball courts, 9 badminton courts, 24 ping-pong tables, 2 tennis courts, a simple training field, and 2 swimming pools. And in the near future we will finish the construction of an indoor stadium of 6000 square meters.
Significant achievements in curricula/course construction have been achieved in recent years. 15 courses have been offered, including 3 compulsory courses: physical fitness, Taiji boxing, and swimming; 12 optional courses: basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, ping-pong, sports dance, aerobics, martial arts, tennis, orienteering, artistic gymnastics and cheerleading.
Now we have 12 teachers with a bilingual teaching ability, and we offer 5 bilingual courses (volleyball, soccer, aerobics, badminton, and martial arts).
High attention has been paid to improve teaching ability and professional skill of faculty. We actively encourage them to participate in various professional learning, skill training, and competition referring. In recent years, averagely, teachers have been sent to participate more than 20 times in all kinds of training, and more than 10 times to be the referees in some major games.
We also encourage teachers to do some research. In 2015, 12 science research projects have been approved, including 4 provincial-level subjects, 1 bureau-level subject and 7 department subjects; 10 papers have been published on core journals and 42 papers on general journals; 9 academic monographs and popular science works have been published, 8 teachers being involved in the writing.
Various sports activities have been organized for students and teachers, such as basketball, volleyball, football, badminton and ping-pong games, and campus running and fun games for teachers. 
Aiming at selection and cultivation of student’s athletes, 18 students sports teams have been established, including the recovered and the newly built. In April 2015, our football team, on behalf of universities in Chongqing, have participated in south group match of the National College Football Competition; in June 2015, our qigong team, on behalf of the Chongqing Municipality, have taken part in the 8th National Fitness Qigong Method Competition organized by General Sports Administration, and were awarded 1st and 2nd prize. Now qigong and related projects have gradually become the representative projects of Chongqing Medical University.
Till now, our students’ sports teams have won 18 first prizes, 16-second prizes, 14 third prizes and some other prizes with excellent performance in Chongqing and the national games. Also the total scores of our women's team in track and field competition acquired second position, the total scores of our women’s team in martial arts competition and roller skating also acquired second position, and we get the first prize and the second prize in qigong collective project. 
Now the physical education department is preparing for the transformation of department function, introduction of talents vigorously, breakthrough to overcome weak subjects and try to establish their own professional and discipline system, and get the qualification to conduct the master's degree. Together combined with the national spirit of the 13th Five-Year Plan, we will make great and new progress in the construction of our department.


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