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Professor WEI Zhengqiang

Personal Information:
1.Name:  魏正强   WEI Zhengqiang
2.Gender: Male
3.Telephone :13228675636

4.Email:  384535713@qq.com 
5.Research Interests(研究方向): Fundamental and clinical research of gastrointestinal cancer and immune research of organ transplantation.
6. Position(目前职位):postdoctor,chief physician, associate professor,master supervisor.The deputy director of gastrointestinal surgery and general surgery of the first affiliated hospital of chongqing medical university.
1985.9-1990.7 Chongqing Medical University , Chongqing, China.
Major: Clinic Medicine, Degree: Bachelor
1992.9-1995.7  Sichuan University-West China Center of Medical              Sciences,sichuan, China. Major: general Surgery,               Degree:master
1995.9-1998.7  Sichuan University-West China Center of MedicaSciences, sichuan, China. Major: general Surgery,Degree:doctor
1998.9-200.10  postdoctor of Chongqing Medical University
2002.8-2003.9  Studying in Tottori University of Japan
8.Working Experience(工作经历):
     Mainly engaged in the fundamental and clinical research of gastrointestinal cancer and immune research of organ transplantation and has a deep knowledge of microsurgery, especially excels at gastrointestinal surgery,especially,laparoscopic surgery, hand assisted laparoscopic surgery.
     Obturator hernia condition seldom thought of and seldom sought (2012)
     Primary idiopathic chylopericardium: a rare case with a synopsis of the literature(2012)
     A new colorectal/coloanal anastomotic technique in sphincter-preserving operation for lower rectal carcinoma using teansanal pull-through combined with single stapling technique(2013)
     Extramammary Paget's disease of the perianal region: a review of the literature emphasizing management.(2013)
     FOXQ1 mediates the crosstalk between TGF-β and Wntsignaling pathways in the progression of colorectal Cancer(2015)
10.Research Projects:   
     Provincial research project:  Wei(PI)  “Treatment of locally advanced colorectal cancer radical laparoscopic assisted with laparotomy prospective randomized controlled study of colorectal cancer”
     Provincial level projects  Wei(PI)  “A prospective studie about the effect of laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer liver metastasis and the prevention and treatment of prospective studies”
      Project 863 subproject   Wei(member) "major disease genomics"

11.Awards and Honors:
committee member and secretary of the Chongqing anticancer association gastric cancer committee,and one of the main drafting expert of “The Appendicitis Diagnosis Standard" issued by the Ministry of health.
Surgery (fundamental and clinical research of gastrointestinal tumor)
Master Mentor


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