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Professor GAO Qing

Personal Information
Name:GAO Qing   高青                        



1. Research Interests:
The main scientific research direction is pathogenesis of gastroenteric cancer and tumor resistance. Explained morphology、mechanism and clinical significance of vasculogenic mimicry, which was a new model of tumor blood supply, and was the indicator of the poor prognosis. For clinical medical work, master varieties of endoscopic operates, such as endoscopic therapy for end polypectomy and so on. Besides, good at diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal、hepatic and gall diseases. Participated in several projects including the National Natural Science Funds project and published dozens of papers. Mastered more than 30 postgraduate training.

2.Position:Chongqing endoscopy committee member、Chongqing hepatopathy committee member、 Chongqing hospital evaluation expert.
3.Education:1980-1985:Chongqing Medical University,bachelor of medicine;
1999-2002:Chongqing Medical University,master of medicine.
4.Working Experience:Engaged in clinical work and scientific research of Gastroenterology and General medicine department for 30 years.
1) Gao Qing , Inhibition of the PI3K/Akt pathway increases the chemosensitivity of gastric cancer to vincristine, Oncology Reports,2013 Aug;30(2):773-82
2) Gao Qing ,The effect of small molecule anatagonists of XIAP(Embelin) on the multidrug resistance cells SGC7901, Journal of Chongqing Medical University,2008 Mar,33(3):301-304.
3) Gao Qing ,Suppressing PI3K/PKB signal pathway to reverse drug resistance of gastric carcinoma cell line SGC7901/VCR efficiency and mechanism, Journal of Third Military Medical University,2009 Feb;33(3):227-229.
4) Gao Qing , Research on the relation between expression GRP78 in gastric cancer cell lines and its sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs, Journal of Chongqing Medical University,2011 Jar.36(1);46-50.
5) Gao Qing ,Analysis of bacterial spectrum and drug resistance in 50 cases of severe acute pancreatitis complicated with infection,Chinese journal of digestion,2015 Oct;35(10):678-681.


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