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Professor ZHANG Bingqiang

Personal information
Name:  ZHANG Bing-qiang    张秉强
Gender: male
Email: zhbingqiang@163.com
Research Interests: Liver Cancer, Liver Stem Cell, Wnt Signal pathway, We focus on finding some new genes in regulating the differentiation of liver stem cell, especially in Wnt signaling pathway.
Position: Director of Gastroenterology Department
09/2001-07/2006: Graduate student
The Institute for Viral Hepatitis, The Key Laboratory  of Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases of Ministry of  Education, Chongqing University of Medical Sciences
          Major: Infective Disease reseach
          Degree awarded: Ph.D. /M.D.
09/1990-06/1995: Undergraduate student
         Inner Mongolia Medical College
         Major: Clinical Medicine
         Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science in clinical medicine.
Working Experience:
12/2010-now:  Associated Professor
          The first affiliated hospital,  Chongqing  University  of  Medical
          Major: Digestive Diseases research.
07/2006-12/2010:  Doctor in charge
          The first affiliated hospital,  Chongqing  University  of  Medical
          Major: Digestive Diseases research.
06/1995-09/2001: From Resident Doctor  to Doctor in charge
                 The institute of  Digestive  Diseases  Research  of  Inner
        Mongolia,  Second   Affiliated   Hospital   of    Baotou    Medical
         Major: Digestive Diseases research
1. Zhong L, Gou JH, Deng N, Shen H, Zhang BQ*. Antitumor activity of siRNAs targeting ALCAM in HepG2 liver cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Zhonghua Gan Zang Bing Za Zhi. 2015 Oct 20;23(10):781-783. *Correspondence author.
2. Zhong L, Gou J, Deng N, Shen H, He T, Zhang BQ*. Three-dimensional co-culture of hepatic progenitor cells and mesenchymal stem cells in vitro and in vivo. Microsc Res Tech. 2015 Aug;78(8):688-96. *Correspondence author.
3. Gou JH, Zhang BQ*. Body position adjustment may facilitate capsule endoscopic real-time examination in patients with a large amount of food retention in the stomach. Clin Endosc. 2014 May;47(3):266-9. *Correspondence author.
4. He BC, Gao JL, Luo X, Luo J, Shen J, Wang L, Zhou Q, Wang YT, Luu HH, Haydon RC, Wang CZ, Du W, Yuan CS, He TC, Zhang BQ*. Ginsenoside Rg3 inhibits colorectal tumor growth through the down-regulation of Wnt/ß-catenin signaling. Int J Oncol.2011 Feb;38(2):437-45. *Correspondence author.
5. Zhang BQ, Chen WX, Huang Y, et al. Inhibition of Dicer and Its Influence  to  the Function of shRNA. Virologica Sinica,2006,12(6):604-608.Chinese.
Research Projects:
1. “The relationship between Alcam gene and Liver cancer in vivo and vitro”
Principal Investigator: Bing-qiang Zhang.
Agency :Nature Science Foundation of Chongqing, China, 2011-2014
50,000 Yuan.
2.  "Suppressing replication of HBV by RNA interference"
 Principal Investigator: Bingqiang Zhang. CO-PI: None.
Agency: National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30300298,  Period:2004
to 2006,
200,000 Yuan.
3. "Identifying the receptor or receptor-associated molecule  of  Hantavirus
envelope protein"
Principal Investigator: JingJun Guo. Membership: Bingqiang Zhang.
Agency: National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30400377,  Period:2005
to 2007,
200,000 Yuan.
4. "SCSP mediated the dysfunction of LDL receptor  under  influmm-----a  new
mechnism of trigger atherosis"
Principal Investigator: XiongZhong Ruan. Membership: Bingqiang Zhang.
Agency: National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30530360,  Period:2006
to 2009,
1, 400,000 Yuan.
5.  "Research  and  manufactory  of  colloidal  gold  strips  for  the  SARS
Principal  Investigator:  Jian  Zheng/AiLong  Huang.  Membership:  Bingqiang
Agency:  Chongqing  Science  and  Technology  Commission.   Period:2003   to
2004.80,000 yuan.
Awards and honors:
1. 2003-2004 Innovative precursor of science  and  technology  in  Chongqing University of Medical Science.
2. 2003-2004 Innovative precursor of science and technology in  universities of Chongqing.
3.National Patent of China:
1).Biopsy forceps, 2014
2).Pressure Detector of Gastroenterology, 2015
Recruitment & Category:
Digestive Diseases research, Master Degree.

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