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Professor QI Hongbo

Personal Information:
Name: QI Hongbo
Gender:  Male
Telephone:  023-89011102
Email:  qihongbo@sina.com
Research Interests:
Prof. Hongbo Qi is a well-known obstetrician with special interests in both clinic and basic studies of pregnancy associated complications including preeclampsia (PE) and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). Both of PE and IUGR have strong short-term and long-term adverse effects on the health of offspring, such as compromised neural development and elevated risks of metabolic disorders, while PE also causes maternal death. The etiology of PE and IUGR remains unknown, but the underlying mechanism has been long assume to be associated with impaired remodeling of uterine spiral arteries during the early stage of pregnancy. However, there are many other mechanisms also have been hypothesized, such as maternal-fetal interface immune malfunction and AT1-AA production. Prof. Hongbo Qi’s group has established several cellular and animal models of PE and IUGR to elucidate the pathological mechanisms, and also made effects to provide novel therapeutic approaches for other common obstetric diseases. Prof. Hongbo Qi’s group is the first to utilize High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) to treat retained placenta. In addition, Prof. Hongbo Qi has strong interest in twins pregnancy and is the principle of the sole NCFC funded twin cohort study.

Position: Director of Obstetric Department, first affiliated hospital of Chongqing Medical University

Education: MD., PH.D., Chongqing Medical University

Working Experience:
Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Deaprtment, first affiliated hospital of Chongqing Medical University
Vice Director of Obstetric Department, first affiliated hospital of Chongqing Medical University

Methotrexate-loaded PLGA nanobubbles for ultrasound imaging and Synergistic Targeted therapy of residual tumor during HIFU ablation. Biomaterials. (2014) 35: 5148-5161
Laminin a4 (LAMA4) expression promotes trophoblast cell invasion,migration, and angiogenesis, and is lowered in preeclamptic placentas. Placenta. 36 (2015) 809-820
Oxidative stress-induced C/EBPb inhibits b-catenin signaling molecule involving in the pathology of preeclampsia. Placenta. 2015(36):839-846
Expression of Gadd45a in human early placenta and its role in trophoblast invasion. Placenta. 2014 Jun;35(6):370-7.

IL-27 Activates Human Trophoblasts to Express IP-10 and IL-6: Implications in the Immunopathophysiology of Preeclampsia. Mediators Inflamm. 2014;2014:926875.

Research Projects:
NSFC Key Project of International Collaboration (81520108013) Unraveling the complex interplay between genes and environment in specifying early life Determinants of illness in infancy: a longitudinal prenatal study of Chinese Twins.¥2350000, 2016-2020.

NSFC regular project(814714472) The Mechanistic Study of abnormal regulation of IL-27/IL-27R induced uncontrollable inflammation in Preeclampsia Development, ¥740000,2015-2018。

Recruitment & Category:
Master and Doctoral advisors


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