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College of Public Health and Health Management

College of Public Health and Health Management was established in 2011 on the basis of the former School of Public Health and School of Management. The college currently has 12 teaching and research offices and 3 departments. There are doctoral sites for first-level disciplines in public health and preventive medicine, 2 authorized sites for master's degree in public health and preventive medicine and public administration, and 2 authorized sites for master's degree in public health and applied statistics. The three key disciplines of Chongqing include public health and preventive medicine, public management, and statistics. The college also has 5 undergraduate majors in preventive medicine (China's first-class professional construction project), health inspection and quarantine, food hygiene and nutrition, public service management (Chongqing's first-class professional construction project), and applied statistics.

The school has 30 professors (6 supervisors for doctoral candidates) and 34 associate professors, among whom 42.8% have a PhD. There are professors entitled as the national "Thousand Talents Program", Chongqing Bayu Scholars Distinguished Professor, Chongqing Talent - Leading Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, New Century Talent Program of Ministry of Education, Henry Fok Education Foundation Award, Chongqing Academic and Technical Leader, and Chongqing Excellent Teachers. The college also has the Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation on Reproduction and Development of the Ministry of Education, the Research Center of Medicine and Social Development of Chongqing Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base, Chongqing Social Sciences General Research Base and other research platforms. The college has become an important base for training high-level public health and management personnel, providing advisory services to governments at all levels and to industry sectors in western China, and has gained a certain popularity and influence in China.