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Chongqing Medical University Admission Information for International Students Master’s & Doctoral Program

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Discipline & Major

具体招生专业和指导教师情况请见  研究生附件1:重庆医科大学2020年招收来华留学研究生专业目录-20200526.xlsx

Please refer to   Catalogue of Master’s & Doctoral Program 2020 of CQMU-20200526.xlsx


Mode and Length

1. 学习方式:全日制。

Mode of Study: Full-time

2. 学习时间:秋季学期。学习年限一般为3年。学习年限可适当延长,但最多不超过6年。

Length of Schooling

Masters Program: 3 years from Autumn

Doctoral Program: 3 years from Autumn

The length of schooling can be extended to no more than 6 years.


1. 通过重庆医科大学来华留学生信息管理系统进行网上申请和录取。


Online application and admission through Chongqing Medical University international student information management system. (https://lxs.cqmu.edu.cn/)

2. 中国政府奖学金申请者还需登录国家留学基金委来华留学网,进行网上申请。(https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login

Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship should also apply on the website of the China Scholarship Councilhttps://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login

3. 通过英文招生网站发布来华留学研究生的专业、导师名单、招生标准等信息,进行招生宣传。(https://english.cqmu.edu.cn/

CQMU will release and update the information of majors, supervisor, enrollment standards of postgraduates studying through the official English website, and carry out enrollment publicity. https://english.cqmu.edu.cn/

4. 被录取的学生须在注册报到时提交纸质版材料。

Admitted students are required to submit paper documents at on-site registration

5. 申请截止日期为2020530日。

The application deadline is May 30, 2020.


Enrolment Requirement


For Academic Degree Program


In principle, applicant to master's degrees should not exceed 35 years old, and applicant to doctoral degrees should not exceed 40 years old. Applicant must be healthy both mentally and physically. Applicant should have sufficient funds to support their studying and living in China..

2. 国外院校毕业的申请者须毕业于本国正规院校,在校成绩达到良好以上;毕业于中国高校毕业的申请者必须成绩优异,获得中国政府奖学金或各省市级奖学金经历者优先。

Applicant who has graduated outside China must graduate from a formal institution in his/her home country and has achieved a good academic record. Applicant who has graduated from  Chinese institution must have excellent academic records. Those who have obtained Chinese Government Scholarships or provincial/municipal scholarships are preferred.

3. 须得到2位高级职称专家的推荐。

Applicant should be recommended by 2 professors/associate professors.

4. 在校表现良好,出具相关证明和无犯罪记录。

Applicant should have performed well at his/her former university. Certificate of Good Performance and Non-criminal record are required.

5. 申请攻读硕士学位者须拥有本科学历;申请攻读博士学位者须拥有硕士学历。

Applicant to a masters program should have earned a bachelors degree, and applicant to a PhD program should have earned a  masters degree.

6. 申请英文授课专业的语言水平要求达到以下两项之一:(1)母语为英语;(2)母语为非英语,托福成绩需达到85分以上(含85分)、雅思成绩需达到5.5分以上(含5.5分),或本科、硕士阶段授课为全英文授课。

Applicant to English Medium Program is required to meet either one of two requirements as follow:

1) English as mother language;

2) Applicant from a non-English-speaking country should provide TOEFL scores (85 or above), IETLS scores (5.5 or above), or have studies in full English in high school.

7. 申请中文授课专业的语言水平要求:中文水平须达到HSK5级或以上。

Applicant to Chinese Medium Program should provide certificates of HSK-5 or above.


Applicants should hold valid passports or citizenship certificates of their own countries with more than 4-year validity and more than 2-years records of living outside China in the last 4 years (up to April 30th  of the first semester). Record of living outside China for over 9 months should be regarded as one year, subject to entry and exit seals.


For Professional Degree Program

1. 达到申请学术学位研究生招生标准。

To meet the above-mentioned Enrollment Requirements of Academic Degree Program

2. 中文水平达到HSK6级或以上。

Chinese Language Level: HSK-6 or above.


Enrollment Requirements for Scholarship Program

1. 中国政府奖学金项目

Chinese Government Scholarship

1) 申请者必须达到学术学位或专业学位招生标准。

To meet the above-mentioned Enrollment Requirements of Academic or Professional Program.

2) 奖学金用于资助品学兼优且经济困难学生。

Scholarships are granted to support students with excellent academic and moral performance and financial difficulties.

3) 在校成绩、获得成就、综合表现优异。

Excellent performance, achievement and comprehensive performance during high school.

4) 申请者在申请时,必须提供相应的学历学位证书,否则不予录取,预计于当年毕业的学生原则上不予录取。

Applicants must provide the corresponding academic degree certificate when they apply, otherwise they will not be accepted. Applicants who are expected to graduate in that year will not be admitted in principle.


Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

1) 申请者必须达到学术学位或专业学位招生标准。

To meet the above-mentioned Enrollment Requirements of Academic or Professional Program.

2) 奖学金用于资助品学兼优且经济困难学生。

Scholarships are granted to support students with excellent academic and moral performance and financial difficulties.

3) 在校成绩、获得成就、综合表现优异。

Excellent performance, achievement and comprehensive performance during high school.

4) 预计于当年毕业的申请者可以提交预毕业证明。

Applicant who is expected to graduate in that year should provide a pre-graduate certificate.


Criteria of Admission

1. 招生录取期间发现以下问题,一律视为不合格,不予录取:

If any of the following problems are found during enrollment, the applicant shall be regarded as unqualified and will not be accepted.

1) 不符合招生标准;

Does not meet the enrollment requirement.

2) 身体状况不符合录取要求;

Physical condition does not meet the enrollment requirements

3) 其他不符合录取要求的。

Other condition does not meet the enrollment requirements

2. 考生面试成绩低于60分(按百分制计算),即为不合格,不予录取。

Applicants who get scores lower than 60/100 in interview, shall be regarded as unqualified and will not be admitted.

3. 学校根据考生复试成绩结合申报专业的人数和各专业接收能力等综合情况进行录取。

The university will accept candidates based on the results of the re-examination, combined with the number of applicants and the acceptance of each program.

4. 申请者若提供虚假材料,无论何时查实,学校有权取消其录取资格或注销学籍。

If a candidate provide false documents, the university reserves the right to cancel his/her enrollment or student status whenever it is verified.


Application Documents

l 护照(复印件/扫描件)。

Passport (photocopy/scanned copy)

l 填写完整的重庆医科大学留学生学习申请表。

Completed Application Form for Foreigners to Study in Chongqing Medical University (original copy or photocopy/scanned copy)

l 留学生体检表。

Foreigner Physical Examination Form (photocopy/scanned copy) (The original copy should be kept by the applicant. The form printed by Chinese authority could be downloaded from http://english.cqmu.edu.cn). The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of an attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Note: Records of medical examination are only valid for 6 months.

l 无犯罪记录证明。

Non-Criminal Record.

l 资金证明。

Proof of funds

l 经认证的本科/硕士毕业证书、学位证书(将于20207月毕业的申请者须提供预毕业证明)(复印件/扫描件),本科/硕士阶段学业成绩单和毕业论文(本科阶段如果没有毕业论文,需提供证明)(复印件/扫描件)。

Notarized Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Diploma or studying certificate (photocopy/scanned copy), applicants who will graduate in July 2020 must provide a pre graduation certificate. Notarized academic transcripts of Bachelor’s/Masters program (photocopy/scanned copy). Bachelor’s/ Master's academic transcript and dissertation (if there is no dissertation in undergraduate stage, proof is required) (copy / scanning copy)

l 申请英文授课专业:提供托福、雅思成绩证明(复印件/扫描件)或本科、研究生学习阶段为英语授课的证明。

TOEFL or IETLS certificate, or Certificate of English as instruction medium in former Bachelor/Master programs.

l 申请中文授课专业:提供HSK5级或以上证书和成绩单。

For Chinese medium program: HSK 5 certificate or above and mark sheet.

l 申请专业学位研究生:提供HSK6级证书和成绩单。

For Professional degree program: HSK 6 certificate or above.

l 两封教授/副教授的推荐信附签名及联系方式(复印件/扫描件)。

Two recommendation letters of professors/associate professors with their signature and contact information (original copy or photocopy/scanned copy)

l 不少于1000字的学习计划,申请英文授课者用英撰写,申请中文授课者用中文撰写。

A study plan of not less than 1,000 words. written in English for applicants to English-medium programs and written in Chinese for applicants to Chinese-medium programs.

l 附加材料:已发表的著作、论文、获奖证书、其他相关材料(复印件/扫描件)。

l Additional documents: published works, papers, award certificates, and other related materials (photocopy / scanned copy).

l 奖学金申请材料:申请中国政府奖学金者,须提供《中国政府奖学金申请表》;申请重庆市人民政府外国留学生市长奖学金者,需提供《重庆市人民政府外国留学生市长奖学金申请表》

For scholarship program,

1) Chinese Government Scholarship: Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form.

2) Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship: Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship Application Form.


Note: Some of the forms above can be download in this colum: https://english.cqmu.edu.cn/DOWNLOAD.htm.










Application fee

RMB   450

(first   year only)

RMB   450

(first   year only)



RMB   41000 per academic year

RMB   50000 per academic year


Accommodation for single room

RMB   9600

per   year

RMB   9600

per   year


Accommodation for double room

RMB   4,800

per   year

RMB   4,800

per   year









RMB   800

per   year

RMB   800

per   year


Contact Information


Foreign Affairs Office of Chongqing Medical University


Tel: +86-23-68485041






Foreign Affairs Office

Chongqing Medical University


March 24, 2020