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Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor

Dr. Tian Jie was appointed as vice president of Chongqing Medical University in July 2011.

Dr. Tian has served as deputy head of Cardiovascular Group of Pediatrics Committee, and deputy chairman of Cardiovascular Committee of Chongqing Medical Association. He is a member of Pediatrics Committee of Chongqing Medical Association, and the vice chairman of Chongqing Medical Insurance Research Association.

He has been engaged in clinical, teaching, and scientific research of pediatrics and cardiovascular diseases for years. He  won the first prize of Medical Science and Technology Achievement Award from Chongqing Municipal Health Bureau, the second prize of Science and Technology Achievement Award from Chongqing Yuzhong District, and the second prize of Teaching Achievement in Higher Education in Chongqing.

He has also served as evaluation expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is titled as an Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Core Teacher of Higher Education, the Academic and Technical leader of Pediatrics, and an Outstanding Technological Professional in Chongqing.