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YANG Yanbin


Dr. Yang Yanbin, Doctor of Education, Professor

Dr. Yang Yanbin was appointed as vice president of Chongqing Medical University in October 2020.

She has served as the 11th-session Special Education Supervisor of the Supervision Office of the State Council, the professional certification expert of teacher training from the Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, and the interviewer of the Chongqing Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Qualification Examination.

She has obtained a Bachelor of Laws in Ideological and Political Education from Chongqing Normal University, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching Theory and a Doctor of Education in Education from Southwest University.

Dr. Yang has been engaged in higher education management, education and teaching research for years, and has presided over more than 10 projects at the municipal level in soft science, humanities and social sciences, and educational planning. She has published 3 textbooks as editor-in-chief and over 20 academic papers.