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Professor JI Ping


Professor Ji Ping

Dean, Stomatological Hospital of Chongqing Medical University

Email: jiping@hospital.cqmu.edu.cn

Prof. Ji Ping, doctoral supervisor and postdoctoral cooperative supervisor, is the dean of Stomatological Hospital of Chongqing Medical University (College of Stomatology). Prof. Ji was selected as an innovative leader of Chongqing Talent Plan, awarded the title of the third batch of Chongqing Academic and Technical Leaders, Excellent Doctoral Supervisor of Chongqing Medical University, and was granted Chongqing Postdoctoral Innovation Supervisor Studio. Prof. Ji has been committed to basic, clinical and translational research related to oral diseases, such as oral implantology, maxillofacial surgery, etc. He has undertaken 19 research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Chongqing Natural Science Foundation of China, and published nearly 100 papers in domestic and international academic journals, among which 40 SCI articles were published on high level journals such as Acta Biomaterialia, Advanced Healthcare Material, etc. Seven awards for scientific and technological progress and medical achievements were awarded to Prof. Ji. Seven utility patents were granted and 4 invention patents are in the substantive review process. He has participated in national textbooks preparation and edited more than 10 books.


1980.09 -1985.07, West China MedicalUniversity, Bachelor of Dental Surgery

2000.09-2002.07, Chongqing Medical University, Master of General Surgery

2002.09-2005.07, Chongqing Medical University, Doctor of Oncology


2006.10 till now, Chongqing Medical University, College of Stomatology, Professor (Chief Physician)

2006.01-2006.09, Chongqing Medical University, College of Stomatology, Associate Professor (Associate Chief Physician)

1999.10-2005.12, Chongqing Medical University, the First Clinical College, Associate Professor (Associate Chief Physician)

1992.10-1999.09, Chongqing Medical University, the First Clinical College, Lecturer (Attending Physician)

1985.07-1992.09, Chongqing Medical University, the First Clinical College, Assistant Professor (Resident Physician)


The main research field of Prof. Ji is oral implantology biomaterials including metal materials (e.g. titanium), natural biomaterials (e.g. collagen and bone powder), and synthetic biomaterials (e.g. PLGA).To distribute the peri-implant biological force and improve the surrounding osseointegration are the main considerations of oral implantotlogy and play crucial roles in the therapeutic outcomes of the oral and maxillofacial functional restoration. The basic mechanisms of the interaction between biomaterials and host cells are one of the main focused directionof Prof. Ji’s team. Another research area of him is to establish a basic-application-transformation system of bionic, multi-stage, structure-optimized and controlled-release drug implant materials by a series of techniques, such as simulation and calculation, 3D printing, anodic oxidation, and chemical precipitation. At present, the relevant research outputs have been applied in about 14 national dental colleges, specialized hospitals, and 15 primary hospitals and dental clinics, such as Wanzhou District People's Hospital.


1.The third batch of Chongqing academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates Dentistry Leader

2.The first batch of candidates of Chongqing Talents - Innovation Leaders (medical field)

3.Ping Ji (1/10), Basic and clinical research related to biomaterials for oral implant restoration, Chinese Dental Association Science and Technology Award, Chinese Dental Association, Third Prize at Provincial and Ministerial Level, 2020 (Research Award)

4.Ji Ping (1/5), Basic and Applied Research on Biofunctionalized Bone-Implant Interface, Chongqing Medical Association, Science and Technology Award of Chongqing Medical Association, First Prize at Provincial and Ministerial Level, 2020 (Research Award)

5.Ji Ping (1/10), Basic and Clinical Application Study on Precision Diagnosis and Personalized Restoration and Reconstruction of Oral Cancer, Chongqing Municipal People's Government, Science and Technology Progress, Second Prize of Provincial Ministry, 2016 (Research Award)

6.Ji Ping (1/9), Clinical and Basic Study on Early Screening and Personalized Integrated Prevention and Treatment of Oral Squamous Carcinoma, Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Medical Science and Technology Achievement Award,2014 (Research Award)

7.Ji Ping (2/7), Dendritic cell-based immunotherapy for human tongue squamous carcinoma, Chongqing Health Bureau, Medical Science and Technology Achievement Award, Other, 2012 (Research Award)

8.Chongqing Talent Plan Innovative Leading Talents Innovative Research Group Project, Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, 2019.


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