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Foreign Experts

Gloria F. Allen


Name: Gloria F. Allen

Nationality: America


Master of Arts, History, Rutgers University, (RU), Camden, NJ, May 2005

Bachelor of Arts, History, minor Religious Studies, RU, New Brunswick, NJ, May 2001

Teaching experience:

Foreign Language Teacher, Chongqing Medical University, Fall 2013

  Planned, prepared, and delivered lessons to a range of classes.

  Prepared examination papers and activity exercises

  Marked and provided appropriate feedback classwork.

  Devised, wrote and produced new materials, including audio and visual resources

  Organized social and cultural activities such as school gatherings, dinners, and excursions

  Attended and contributed to training sessions

  Prepared information for inspection visits and other quality assurance exercises

  Freelance teaching on a one-to-one basis

  Maintain basic administration, ex. Student recorded grades,

  Establish a student-centered classroom management plan.

Program Director, Teacher Trainers Summer Project, Peace Corps, China, July 2014

  Demonstrated English communicative teaching strategies and TEFL methods 

  Increased friendship and understanding between the Chinese and American teachers

  Led a team of 18 Peace Corp Volunteers to successfully meet and exceed goals

  Communicated calmly in stressful situations while maintaining positive demeanor

  Improved teacher trainees’ English language skills

  Introduced Western Cultures

Substitute: Texas City Independent School District, Texas City, TX, Spring 2007

  Adapted classroom instruction and assessments by using visual aids and worldly examples to optimize student achievements

  Developed lessons and instructed 7th and 8th grade students, based on Texas State Social Studies standards and grade level expectations

  Established positive rapport with students and parents and used Foreign Language skills as needed

  Enhanced student engagement for learning Social Studies topics through maintaining collaborative learning classroom environments

  Participated actively in staff and professional learning community meetings, with math, science, English, and arts teachers to incorporate linked other social studies units.

  Observed, planned, taught, and assessed practice to inform and modify instructions for multi-cultural classes with many levels of ability

Other experience:

Resident Historian, United American Indians of Delaware Valley, Incorporated, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2004-2006

  Gathered historical data from various sources, including archives, books, and artifacts

  Analyzed and interpreted information to determine its authenticity and significance

  Engaged with the public through educational programs and presentations

  Archived materials and artifacts in a visitor center

  Provided advice on historical topics and preservation issues

  Submitted reports and articles on historical findings and theories