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Yoann Michelizza


Name: Yoann Michelizza

Gender: Male

Nationality: French

Degrees and qualifications:

2012 : Professional Formation for Salary Management (accountancy), the Professional Training Center IFAPE, TOULON

2009-2011: Professional Certification in Human Resources (Official Bachelor equivalent), the Professional Formation Institute AFPA, NICE

2005: Bachelor in Psychology, the University of Human Sciences, NICE

2001: Baccalaureate in Economics & Social Sciences, Beaussier High School, LA SEYNE

Professional career:

Since 2013 : French Language Teacher at Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing;

French Language teaching from beginner to advanced levels

Teaching of French grammar & vocabulary

Enhancing conversation and discussions skills

Learning of the medical French vocabulary

Presentation of the medico-social French background

Discussions about the French culture

2012-2013: Polyvalent assistant in Human Resources, Medico-Social department, Accountancy and Commercial department in a Specialized Center for Help & Supervision of Heavily Disabled Workers, La Seyne;

Administrative management of the medico-social work for heavily disabled workers (reception, help, support)

Daily staff management (attendance, HR variables, incidents, salary distributions, )

Management or creation of internal running procedures (for ergonomics and work efficiency)

Annual Human Resources reports setup (variables and events tracking, statistics, boards, graphics, reports, )

Daily funds management (benefits and expenses)

Recording of daily accounting entries (balance sheets, selling and buying records, customers payments, expenses, )

Customersbills and debtors files tracking and management

Reception of customers and relationship management (Information, orientation, advice, quality tracking)

2011 : Human Resources Assistant in a Temporary Work Agency, Toulon;

Research and selection of candidates for temporary work missions and stable job offers,

Recruitment interviews with applicants for the different missions and job offers

Daily management of the agencys temporary workers (employment contracts, attendance tracking, )

Salaries calculation, paysheets edition, taxes declarations

2003-2009 : Specialized Education Assistant for disabled children and teenagers with problems as : Blindness, paralysis, trisomy 21, psychosis, neurosis, hyperactivity and behavior troubles in different primary schools and high schools, La Seyne & Toulon;

Help to the integration of disabled children and teenagers in ordinary schools

Discussions and works with the teachers to adapt the programs and learnings regarding these studentsspecial needs and problematics

Adaptation of the exercises and class materials regarding the handicap and special needs of the students

Monitoring and animating classes and studies for the student to follow the teaching program established

Explanations, teaching, correcting works and helping the student learn the different parts of the teaching program

Creation of special and adapted tasks for the students to enhance their autonomy in the class and in the school

Translation of all written documents (books, texts, ) in Braille alphabet (for the blind students)

Management of the students relationship with others (supervision, preventing conflicts or problems)

Psychological help and support, regarding the very specific problems and sufferings encountered by these students

Creating, leading or emphasizing group activities for these special students to be better accepted by the others