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CQMU rose 3 spots in the ranking of Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics 2020


On October 31, the 2020 rankings of Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) for medical schools in China were released. Chongqing Medical University has seen its ranking increase steadily, moving up three places compared with 2019. CQMU ranks 17th among all 110 medical universities and 5th among medical universities co-constructed by province (municipality) and the Ministry of Education.

STEM, put forward by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, is a multidimensional matrix for evaluating the level and frontiers of medical science and technology. STEM is currently adopted to evaluate hospitals, medical schools and other institutions.

The 2020 STEM rankings of Chinese medical schools provide a multi-level, comprehensive and three-dimensional analysis of all relevant elements pertaining to the scientific and technological development of medical schools, in accordance with the "Double First-Class" construction goals proposed by the Chinese government.