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Professor YIN Yuehui’s team leads the way in the successful development and marketing of a new drug


Professor YIN Yuehui’s team from the Cardiology Group of the Clinical Testing Facility of the Second Affiliated Hospital of CQMU assisted "Hybutimibe Tablets", produced by Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in passing the assessment of National Medical Products Administration before marketing.

"Hybutimibe Tablets" are the only Class I cardiovascular drugs to be approved in China over the last decade, as well as the first cholesterol absorption inhibitor with completely independent intellectual property rights.

The Phase III clinical trial of the drug was initiated in January 2016 in the Department of Cardiology at the hospital. Researchers at the Facility followed Good Clinical Practice (GCP) requirements rigorously throughout the entire process, from protocol discussion, project initiation, quality control, drug management to data analysis. The trial data were all true, complete and reliable. The whole development process of the drug lasted for more than a decade. The trial subjects were over 1000 Chinese patients The drug offers a new option for the treatment of patients with hypercholesterolemia in China.