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Laboratory Animal Center of National Bioindustry Base in Chongqing


Based on Laboratory Animal Center of Chongqing Medical University , Laboratory Animal Center of National Bioindustry Base in Chongqing was established with the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences of Chongqing Academy of Chinese Materia Medica. With a construction area of 11,600 square meters, the Center is an important and unique base for supplying lab animals and offering lab animal-associated services.

Laboratory Animal Center of National Bioindustry Base in Chongqing

Laboratory Animal Center

Each year, the Center breeds and supplies 180,000 SPF KM mice, NIH mice, BALB/c mice, C57 mice, C3H mice, and nude mice; 70,000 SPF SD rats and Wistar rats; 10,000 normal guinea pigs; 9,000 New Zealand rabbits; and 1,000 Beagle dogs. The Center is capable of customizing special strains of animals (such as transgenic and knockout animals) for clients. In addition, it can provide animal beddings and feeds for experimental animal. Special feeds can also be processed at the Center.

Animal Production Facilities

Animal Experiment Facilities

Among the Base's technical services team are six specialists with senior titles and ten with associate senior titles, six Ph.D./MS supervisors, as well as experienced hands-on personnel in animal experiments. Following are specific services provided by the center, including lab animal rearing, toxicology and pharmacodynamic evaluation, preparation of animal models for medical purposes, biological product development, and the sample analysis and data management of lab animals. The Center also performs experiments on animals for drug and biological material testing, such as tests for teratogenesis, mutagenesis and carcinogenesis, cytotoxicity tests, pyrogen tests,  abnormal toxicity tests, acute/subacute/chronic toxicity tests, skin irritation tests, allergy tests, hemolysis tests, and other safety evaluation tests. Animal pathogenic microbial detection, in vivo and vitro parasite detection, and community veterinary healthcare services are also accessible at the Center.The labs at the center possesses advanced equipment such as small animal in vivo imaging systems, small animal ethology operation and analysis systems, animal lung function systems, automatic veterinary blood analyzers, animal non-invasive blood pressure systems, X-ray systems (DR systems), color ultrasound systems and other corresponding technical services for various research projects.

Animal DR System

Cryostat Microtome

Small Animal Ethology System

Animal in Vivo Imaging

NIBP System