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    The Library of Chongqing Medical University  was built not long after the establishment of the university in 1956. As a center with many study resources, the library is an important base for information, and plays a key role in making the campus into a favorable place for studying, and  guaranteeing the cultivation of talents. The university has enhanced the construction of the library over the past few years and has been working constantly to improve the library’s ability to provide study resources and services for faculty and students.


    The library has two branches, one at Yuanjiagang campus, with an area of almost 13,000 square meters and one at Jinyun campus, with an area of 20,800 square meters, covering a total area of 33,800 square meters. In the library, there are 4,592 reading seats and 6,278,600 books in total, among which 1,987,600 are printed books and 4,291,000 are digital ones. These books — mainly focused on medical and biological sciences, with others focused on humanities and social sciences — are numerous and cover all academic fields, forming a complete system of study resources. The university has also established a digital library, which includes abundant medical resources from CNKI, WanFang Data, Chaoxing, Elseiver, Springer, etc. Moreover, it also has a database of all books in the library and a cloud service system for electronic documents.

    Apart from lending, collecting and reading books, the library also provides services ranging from consultation, information retrieval, new sci-tech retrieval, training etc. Its reading rooms are available for a total of 94 hours a week. Students can borrow books in one library and return them to the other. The library has a good network infrastructure and computer hardware environment which allows the library to be managed and run automatically. With the full Wi-Fi coverage, students can access various digital resources through wireless or wired networks, or make use of the library's self-service kiosks for a mobile learning experience. Electronic resources are available 24-hours to both faculty and students.