Curriculum for Postgraduates Program


Curriculum for Postgraduates Program

The degree courses, conducted by the credit system, include four parts: general compulsory courses, specialized compulsory courses, academic lectures and practice. In the tests, students should score at least 70 out of 100 marks. Twenty credits are required  before the dissertation defense, and the arrangements of courses are as follows:


1. Compulsory courses (7 credits)


Class hours





Introduction of Chinese   Culture



Medical Statistics



Evidence-Based Medicine



Students who already have completed the courses above in our school or in other colleges or universities can be exempt from the courses if they provide the relevant evidence, verified by the administrative staff or experts.

2. Specialized complusory courses (no less than 6 credits)

1Clinical Medicine Major

Clinical Diagnostics and relevant specialized courses will be arranged.

Clinical Diagnostics (36 class hours2.0 credits): This course serves as a bridge between basic medicine and clinical medicine and it helps to lay a foundation for other clinical courses and skills. In this course, students will learn theoretical knowledges and practical techniques  for disease diagnosis, including medical history, common symptoms and signs, physical examination as well as some essential laboratory and assistant examinations.

Specialized courses (80 class hours, 4.0 credits): To learn the latest development on basic researches and clinical researches both at home and abroad. An instruction group is formed (including professors and associate professors) to deliver classes and students can read literatures  by self-study  and discussion. Students will attend exams to get certain credits before dissertation defense.

2Other majors

Two or three basic and specialized courses (1-3 credits each) will be arranged according to the individual condition of students.

3. Academic lectures (3.0 credits)

The overseas students are required to participate in the academic lectures organized by the university, the Graduate School or the relevant departments for no less than 15 times, 0.2 credits each time. Participation in academic lectures or reports shall be promptly recorded in "Graduate Academic Activities Registration Form" and should be signed or sealed by the speaker or organizer.

3. Practice (4 .0 credits)

The overseas doctoral students should complete clinical/professional practice for no less than half a year, which should be arranged by their supervisors.