Admission Information for International Students for Master’s Program College of Laboratory Medicine of Chongqing Medical University (CQMU)


Discipline,   Specialty   and   supervisor   int roduction

1.  Masters program: Medical TechnologyResearch fieldMedical Laboratory Technology

2.  Supervisor introductionPlease refer to the attachment:supervisor list.xlsx

Mode and length

1. Mode of study: full-time

2. Length of Schooling Master’s Program: 3 years from Autumn.Doctoral Program: 3 years from Autumn,The length of schooling can be extended, but no more than 6 years.

Application and admission

1. Applicants should submit their application and check the admission status in Chongqing Medical University international student information management system. (

2. The introduction of specialties and supervisors and the enrollment standards of postgraduates studying will be released on the official English website of CQMU, which will also exhibit the publicity material for enrollment of students studying in China.

3. Admitted students are required to submit paper documents at on-site registration

4. The application deadline is Sept. 15, 2021.

Enrollment requirements

     For Academic Degree Program

1. In principle, applicants to master's program should not exceed the age of 35. Applicants must be healthy both mentally and physically. Applicant should be able to cover their expenses on studying and living in China.

2. Applicants must have finished their study in a public institution in their home country with good academic records.

Excellent  academic  records  are required  for applicants  who  have graduated from Chinese institution. CQMU prefers applicants who have obtained Chinese Government Scholarships or provincial/municipal scholarships.

3. Applicants should be recommended by 2 professors/associate professors.

4. Applicants should have good performance at their former university with Certificate of Good Performance and Non-criminal record.

5. Applicants to master’s program should have earned a bachelor’s degree of medicine or science.

6. Applicants to English Medium Program are required to meet either one of the following requirements:1) Native English speaker;2) Applicants who are not a native English speaker should provide TOEFL scores (85 or above), IETLS scores (5.5 or above), or have taken all their courses in English in bachelor study.

7. Applicants to Chinese Medium Program should provide certificates of HSK-5 or above.

8. Applicants should hold valid passports or citizenship certificates of their own countries with more than 4-year validity and more than 2-years records of living outside China in the last 4 years (up to April 30th of the first semester). A record of living outside China for over 9 months can be counted as one year, based on the date on entry and exit seals.

Requirements for Scholarship Programs

Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

1) Applicants should meet the Requirements for Academic or Professional Program mentioned above.

2) This scholarship is granted to support students who are financially difficult but have excellent academic and moral performance.

3) Academic performance, graduated universities, achievements and overall performance of applicants will be taken into consideration for applying this scholarship.

4) Applicants who are about to graduate in the year of 2021 should provide a pre-graduate certificate.

5) Scholarship standards (yuan/year)


Tuition subsidy

Accommodation subsidy

Insurance subsidy

Living subsidy

In total

master’s program

41000 yuan/year





30000 yuan/year

76600 yuan/year

The scholarship will be granted to support 3 years study.

Admission criteria

1. The following applicants will not be accepted by CQMU.

1) Applicants who do not meet the enrollment requirements mentioned above.

2) Applicants whose physical condition does not meet the enrollment requirements

3) Applicants who do not meet the other requirements set by CQMU.

2. Applicants whose interview scores are lower than 60/100 will not be accepted by CQMU.

3. Factors including interview scores, the number of applicants for each specialty and the number of students the specialty requires will be taken into consideration during admission.

4. CQMU reserves the right to cancel the admission qualification of a candidate or dispel a student who is found to provide fake documents.

Application Documents

● Passport (photocopy/scanned copy)

● Completed Application Form for Foreigners to Study in Chongqing Medical University (original copy or photocopy/scanned copy)

● Foreigner Physical Examination Form (photocopy/scanned copy) (Applicant can keep the original copy. The form printed by Chinese authority could be downloaded from The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of an attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Note: Records of physical examination are only valid for 6 months.

● Non-Criminal Record.

● Financial proof (Applicant’s savings in the back should be more than all fees needed in the first semester).

● Notarized Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Diploma or studying certificate (photocopy/scanned copy), applicants who will graduate in July 2021 must provide a pre-graduation certificate. Notarized academic transcripts of Bachelor’s/Master’s program (photocopy/scanned copy). Bachelor’s/ Master's academic transcript and dissertation (a documentary proof is needed if there is no dissertation in undergraduate study) (copy / scanning copy)

● For those who want to apply for English medium program: TOEFL or IETLS certificates, or a documentary proof of taking all the courses in English during their bachelor or graduate study .

● For those who want to apply for Chinese medium program: HSK 5 or above and their grade transcript

● For those who want to apply for professional degree program: HSK 6 or above.

● Two recommendation letters from professors/associate professors with their signature and contact information (original copy or photocopy/scanned copy)

● A study plan of not less than 1,000 words. written in English for applicants to English-medium programs and in Chinese for applicants to Chinese-medium programs.

● Additional documents: publications including books and papers, awarded certificates and other related materials (photocopy / scanned copy).

● For those who want to apply for scholarship program: Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship: Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship Application Form.

Note: Some of the forms above can be download from this website:



For master’s program

Application fee

450 yuan


41000 yuan/year

Accommodation fee for single-bed room

9600 yuan/year

Accommodation fee for double-bed room

4800 yuan/year


800 yuan/year

Contact   info

College of Laboratory Medicine of CQM

Tel86-23-68485240, 86-18426264093