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    Chongqing Medical University held the First Teacher Training Program and Teaching Seminar for Clinical Medicine (Joint Education Program with Overseas Universities)


    Chongqing Medical University held the First Teacher Training Program and Teaching Seminar for Clinical Medicine (Joint Education Program with Overseas Universities) at the International Academic Lecture Hall of Yuanjiagang Campus on June 30, 2020. Attending the meeting were Prof. Huang Ai-Long, President of CQMU, Prof. Deng Shixiong, Vice President and Deputy Secretary of CQMU Communist Party Committee, Deans of the colleges, supervisors of relevant departments, coordinators, and the tutors of 19 international cooperative units.

    President Huang Ai-Long introduced the structure of Clinical Medicine in China and its potential development. He suggested that the cooperation with the University of Leicester will help CQMU members understand the overall design of the British clinical medicine education system, exceeding the limitations of China’s clinical medical education system. The cooperation also contributes to founding a new medical system that aims to explore integrated medical education. The students who enrolled in cooperative units will constitute an elite force in clinical medicine and eventually play an important role in future medical research.

    The details of the cooperative program were revealed, including class information, teaching methods, and faculty staff. Xu Chen, Director of Academic Affairs Office of CQMU, explained that CQMU has aimed to expand available learning materials by raising budgets on purchasing the latest textbooks and database to reach a high standard, thus competing with the top medical education in the world.

    At the meeting, the leaders of CQMU and its subordinating colleges awarded the "Early Clinical" Experience Course Teaching of Clinical Medicine (Sino-Foreign Cooperation) Specialty in Chongqing Medical University to the First Clinical College, Second Clinical College, Pediatrics College, Fourth Clinical College, and the Bishan Hospital Practicing units. They also issued professional teacher appointment letters to 132 course group leaders, young teacher-in-training, and teaching secretaries.

    At the meeting, the coordinators of such units as "Medical Chemistry," "Mental Health Education for College Students," "Medical Psychology," "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation," and "Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism" each reported on their teaching preparation.

    The first coordinator introduced the cooperative unit "Early Clinic." It focuses on collecting information regarding student experience, patient needs, and medical reality. The report was supervised by Prof. Zhou Fachun, who delivered the first collective lesson preparation on teaching content, teaching methods, and examination formats.

    Deng Shixiong, the moderator, pointed out that this program not only helps CQMU go global by cooperating with world-class medical schools but also ultimately provides an excellent opportunity for teaching staff and students to improve themselves on their specialty. The International School of Medicine plans to work together with the relevant departments to establish long-term cooperation.

    The clinical medicine undergraduate education program is jointly organized by Chongqing Medical University and the University of Leicester. It is the only clinical medicine cooperation based in both China and a western country. After five years of preparation and continuous integration between the two universities, the program was officially launched in 2020 and ready for enrolment. The First Teacher Training Program and Teaching Seminar highlighted a clear development plan for CQMU to build the discipline of Clinical Medicine. The development is supported by policies seeking to unite the strengths of CQMU's various departments and teaching units, thus enhancing the complexity and depth of the curriculum.