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Chongqing Medical University held an event for the celebration of the 110th International Nurses Day


On May 12, an event was held in Jinyun Campus, Chongqing Medical University, to celebrate the 110th International Nurses Day. Yang Yanbin, Vice President of CQMU, Dean of the College of Nursing, Yu Yanxue,  Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of CQMU, Xiao Mingzhao, Deputy Director of The First Affiliated Hospital of CQMU, Gan Xiuni, Head of Nursing Department of The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zheng Xianlan, Head of Nursing Department of Children's Hospital, and other related faculty attended the event. All the faculty  of College of Nursing and nursing students on Jinyun Campus participated in this event.

During the event, Vice President Yang Yanbin reviewed the progress and achievements that College of Nursing has made in talent cultivation and disciplinary development in the past 15 years since its founding. In addition, she introduced the outstanding contributions of our nursing staff in the battle against COVID-19 in 2020, and hoped that the college of Nursing can forge ahead to achieve new success. She addressed to the teachers and students of the College of Nursing: we need to strengthen faith in the cause of nursing, improve our characteristics, and shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward Nightingale's spirit. We should provide patient-centered care to every patient, and work hard to improve our work ethics. Moreover, we must devote ourselves to research, train ourselves with excellent professional skills, and master theories and international cutting-edge knowledge of nursing. All of these enable us to safeguard and protect people's health and safety.

Gan Xiuni, Director of the Nursing Department, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, shared her experience in the battle against COVID-19, which showed the spirit of CQMUer to bravely take responsibility and protect people. Moreover, Zheng Xianlan, Director of Nursing Department of Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, shared the story of her nursing career. She also shared her personal experience in the front line of clinical nursing and nursing teaching, showing her great passion for nursing.

The event awarded advanced individuals and teams for their excellent work in the past year and in the series of activities held for International Nurses Day.