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CQMU’s Major Project of Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology Research on the Sci-Tech Innovation 2030 Agenda was Approved


Ministry of Science and Technology of China issued the Notice on the First Batch Major Projects 2021 of “Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology Research” on the Sci-Tech Innovation 2030 Agenda. “Research on Brain Aging Mechanism and Regulation” led by Professor Xu Huaxi, Dean of the Institute of Brain Science and Disease was officially approved.

Led by CQMU, the project is  in collaboration with nine other institutions including Xuanwu Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen University, Shenzhen University, Tianjin Medical University, Harbin Medical University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou Normal University, and the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. Focusing on the unclear regulation mechanism of brain aging, the project is proposed to build a systematic research system to fully comprehend the multi-directional information of nerve cells in the aging process. It couldreveal how various nerve cell subtypes evolve as the brain ages and how they interact with the microenvironment. It is envisaged that new biomarkers and potential intervention targets for brain aging could be uncovered. These discoveries would serve as the foundation for the development of clinical intervention techniques for neurodegenerative diseases associated with brain aging.

Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology Research is one of the first specialized pilot projects among the Major Projects on the Sci-Tech Innovation 2030 Agenda. This specialized project will entail research tasks focusing on the analysis of brain cognitive principles, pathogenesis and intervention technology of major brain diseases related to cognitive impairment, brain-like computing and brain-computer intelligence technology and application, brain and intelligence development of children and adolescents, and the establishment of technology platforms. The team strives to achieve breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies and develop a number of major innovations with originality in brain science and brain-like science research.

Project Head: Professor Xu Huaxi