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Promoting the Joint Education Institution


On May 10, CQMU held a meeting on promoting the application for Joint Education Institution (JEI). The meeting aimed to accelerate the university’s internationalization and steadily push forward its application for a JEI. HUANG Ailong, President of CQMU, DENG Shixiong, and TIAN Jie, Vice Presidents, attended the meeting. Huang presided over the meeting.

Huang expressed his recognition of previous accomplishments and reviewed CQMU’s engagement in JEI. He highlighted the significance of JEI in promoting CQMUs disciplinary development.He spoke highly of the collaboration between CQMU and University of Leicester, which helped with integrating courses, students’ global vision, and faculty and management.

Deng described JEI as challenging. Developing an optimized protocol necessitates a broadened perspective and greater efforts towards integration while matching new pairs of majors. According to Tian, JEI is aimed to introduce high-quality educational resources, and we should actively address any issues that arise during the JEI.

CQMU has put a high priority on the application for JEI with University of Leicester since the process started in December 2021. Despite pandemic situation, both sides have frequently exchanged experience via video and mail on curriculum integration, scientific research collaboration, human resources and financial arrangement. Leadership teams and task forces have been established in both universities with the consensus on improving the quality of JEI and scientific research collaboration.