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    Chongqing Medical University(CQMU) Won a Prize in the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Courses in Chongqing


    Recently, 32 courses of CQMU were successfully approved as first-class undergraduate courses amongst universities in Chongqing,. These include 7 online first-class courses, 9 offline first-class courses, 10 hybrid online and offline first-class courses, 1 first-class course of social practice, 4 first-class courses of virtual simulation experimental teaching  and 1 course of English teaching for international students study abroad in China.

    Furthermore, 19 courses of CQMU have been successfully recognized as first-class undergraduate course demonstration cases in Chongqing, including 3 online course cases, 4 offline course cases, 7 hybrid online and offline course cases, 1 social practice course case, and 4 virtual simulation experimental teaching course cases.

    In recent years, CQMU has treated the first-class majors and "Double Ten Thousand Plan" first-class courses as a starting point and carried out the construction of first-class undergraduate courses. CQMU has focused on building "six categories" of golden courses, promoted curriculum reform and innovation, improved the quality of course construction and strengthened the support for the construction of first-class courses. CQMU has carried out a progressive cultivation system of “University-Municipal-National level" and achieved remarkable results. Currently, there are 7 national level first-class undergraduate courses and 98 Chongqing municipal level first-class undergraduate courses in CQMU.

    For the next stage, CQMU will continue to strengthen the construction and management of first-class courses, increase support and guarantee efforts for first-class course construction as well as optimize the mechanisms for continuous construction of first-class courses. Adhering to the “point to area" principle, and by organizing a series of teaching activities such as exchange and discussion, teaching observation, teaching competitions, and achievement displays, CQMU aims to fully leverage the exemplary and leading role of first-class courses to further enhance the overall level of university curriculum construction and the support of courses for the quality of high-quality applied talent cultivation.