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Research Results of Prof. Li Xi’s Research Group of Institute of Life Sciences of CQMU Publish in “Microbiome”


Recently, Professor Li Xi and associate research Professor Wang Shujin of the “Research Platform for Obesity and Related Metabolic Diseases” of the Institute of Life Sciences of CQMU, together with the National Food Administration and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, published the research results entitled “Zearalenone disturbs the reproductive-immune axis in pigs: the role of gut microbial metabolites” online in Microbiome, a prestigious international microbiology journal. This study systematically analyzed the molecular mechanism of mycotoxin destroying the gut-reproductive-immune system of piglets (as animal models) at different growth stages, which provided potential molecular targets and opened a new window for the study of prevention strategies of mycotoxins in human and animal health, and food security.

This research systematically constructed the gut-reproductive-immune axis, explored the mechanism of mycotoxins influencing immune defenses of pigs at different stages from the perspective of microbial structure and its metabolites, and proposed new measures to cope with fungal pollution.