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    CQHCWC’s Research on Metabolism of Mammalian Early Embryos Published in Cell Discovery


    Li Jingyu is the Deputy Director of the Reproductive Medicine Center (Akey laboratory of human embryo engineering of Chongqing) of CQMU’s Women and Children's Hospital(CQHCWC). Li’s team collaborated with Kong Qingran’s team with Wenzhou Medical University and Gao Shaorong’s team with TongJi University and published a research paper Metabolic Control of Stone Morphology for Precision and Timely Regulation of Minor ZGA in Early Mammalian Embryos in the internationally renowned journal Cell Discovery.

    In this study, they established a dynamic metabolome profile of mouse pre-implantation embryos from the zygote to blastocyst stages, and revealed the metabolic regulation mechanism during the development of mouse embryo ZGA by combining the epigenome with the transcriptome. The study provides a reference for further studies on metabolism in early mammalian embryos.