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A Delegation Led by the Representative of Sacramento, California, Visited our University


On 18th April, 2023, Mr. RONG Chengze, the chief representative of the Sacramento, California, United States Representative Office in China, visited the university with his delegation. The vice principal TIAN Jie received them on behalf of CQMU.

Sacramento is the capital of California. The University of California is one of the most influential public university systems in the world. It contains ten campuses. Among them, the University of California at Davis, founded in 1905, is situated in Davis, near Sacramento. It is an American public research university, known as a Public Ivy’ due to its comparable quality to the Ivy league Its faculty has won the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and other world top awards.

Professor TIAN Jie warmly welcomed Mr. Rong and his delegation. He briefly introduced the university's history, educational strength, academic disciplines, and achievements in international scientific research cooperation and student training. He expressed that CQMU is willing to actively promote multi-level and multi-disciplinary cooperation with higher education institutions from California, especially in personnel exchange and scientific cooperation. Also, he would like to strengthen communications between the two countries' universities in the field of medical education.

Mr. Rong expressed his sincere appreciation for the warm reception he received. He introduced the general situation of the University of California at Davis and expressed his hope to promote in-depth cooperation between CQMU and the UC Davis in the fields of scientific research, achievements transformation and student exchange visits and exchanges. He highlighted his anticipation of mutually beneficial results.

Mr. Rong and his delegation visited the library, University History Museum, and experimental platform with relevant personnel accompanied.