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    Professor GU Qingyang from the National University of Singapore was Invited to Give an Academic Report at Chongqing Medical University


    On the morning of May 25th, 2023, Professor GU Qingyang from the National University of Singapore made a report titled “Internationalization and Innovative Development of the National University of Singapore”. The meeting was presided over by Professor TIAN Jie, Vice President of CQMU.

    Professor Gu has devoted 41 years to the field of higher education. Currently, Professor Gu holds a full-time position as a professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. He also serves as the Director of the Master of Public Administration and Management Program, as well as the Academic Director of the China Senior Management Training Program. Professor Gus research expertise spans across a range of topics, including the Chinese economy, Chinas global economic relations, public policy and government strategy, higher education management, infrastructure construction, and globalisation.

    Professor Gu shared the vision and future of the National University of Singapore, as well as its successful experiences in international development. He put forward his own thoughts on the new pattern ofdual cycledevelopment in China, the cultivation of talent in universities, and the importance of developing studentsglobal competence and expanding their international vision. Professor Gu proposed that globalisation has raised new requirements for the quality of university students. University students in the new era should possess global learning ability, cross-cultural communication skills, and the ability to seek out global development opportunities. They should strive to become a new generation of global multifaceted talents with a worldwide perspective, sound personality, strong motivation, and a sense of social responsibility.

    During the meeting, the participants actively engaged in discussions on various topics related to areas such as international management and operations, promoting disciplinary development through internationalisation, enhancing overall international awareness, and promoting research cooperation and innovation. Professor Gu offered detailed examples and analysed the current situation, while addressing the questions raised by participants. The meeting was highly interactive, with participants expressing their interest in future activities that would encourage further reflection on the development in these areas.