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    Chongqing Medical University Holds Grand 2023 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferral Ceremony


    On the morning of June 26th, a grand gathering took place at the track and field stadium of Chongqing Medical University Jinyun Campus. The event brought together 4119 undergraduate students, 2027 master's students, 282 doctoral students, and approximately 1500 relatives of graduating students to collectively participate in the CQMU 2023 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferral Ceremony.


    The entire graduating class of 2023 carries with them the earnest expectations and heartfelt blessings of their alma mater. Amidst the warm wishes of the faculty, fellow students, and loved ones, they embark on a new journey in life.


    Amidst a profusion of blossoms, the future is filled with promise. Prior to the commencement of the graduation ceremony, a heartfelt farewell short film titled "Speak, Youth" was screened, meticulously produced by the university for the graduating class of 2023. Different graduates shared stories about youth, growth, and farewells. By reminiscing about the imprints of their youth and reliving the beautiful moments of their college years, the graduates conveyed their affection and gratitude to their alma mater, teachers, and fellow students.

    During the ceremony, the President of CQMU and Chairman of the University's Academic Degrees Evaluation Committee, HUANG Ailong, delivered a farewell message to all graduating students. He wished that the graduates could "pierce through the fog and perceive the future." At this important moment as the graduates are about to embark on a new journey in life, Dr. HUANG Ailong expressed his best wishes with three "hopes." Firstly, he hopes that everyone can broaden their vision for the future. Secondly, he hopes that everyone possesses the wisdom to keep pace with the times. Thirdly, he hopes that everyone maintains a courageous and enterprising spirit.

    Amid the touching voices of "My Dream at Chongqing Medical University," graduating students bid each other a reluctant farewell, and the graduation ceremony concluded successfully. The graduation ceremony was simultaneously live-streamed on various platforms, including Chongqing Daily, Chongqing Release, and CQNEWS Corporation, attracting over 200,000 online viewers for this broadcast.