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    A New Postdoctoral Research Station in Biology Established at Chongqing Medical University


    In November 2023, a new Postdoctoral Research Station in Biology has been established at Chongqing Medical University (CQMU). With this one, CQMU has set up postdoctoral stations for all 8 first-level disciplines with doctoral degree-granting rights, achieving full coverage.

    The postdoctoral research stations are important platforms for the introduction and training of postdoctoral fellows. Improving the construction of the stations is a fundamental work for CQMU to continuously promote the "Multiplication Project" for postdoctoral fellows. The application of work on this station started in June 2023 by the Department of Human Resources, in coordination with the College of Basic Medicine. The two institutes prepared well, even organized experts to fully demonstrate and review to ensure a successful application.

    In recent years, CQMU has firmly adhered to the concept that talent is the foundation, the essence, and the source of the university's development. The in-depth implementation of the "Talents Strengthening University" strategy takes gathering and nurturing outstanding postdoctoral researchers as a key focus of the strategy, gradually forming a postdoctoral training platform system characterized by coordinated development of multiple disciplines and collaborative interaction across multiple platforms, which will create a strong engine for the high-quality development of the postdoctoral workforce. In the past three years, a total of 642 postdoctoral researchers were recruited with 632 of them currently in a station, and a total of 1263 post-doctoral projects have been obtained across all levels and in various fields.

    Going forward, CQMU will continue to increasingly support its postdoctoral talents, improve the quality of postdoctoral training, and provide more solid and powerful talents and intellectual support for the Double First Class Construction of the university.