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    Dr. LI Jingyu and Dr. HUANG Guoning’s Team From the Women and Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University Published the Research Results of Lactate Regulating Early Embryonic Development In the National Science Review


    Recently, Dr. LI Jingyu and Dr. HUANG Guoning's team from the Reproductive Medicine Center of Women and Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, together with Dr. KONG Qingran's team from Wenzhou Medical University and Dr. GAO Shaorong's team from Tongji University, published a research paper in the internationally renowned journal ‘National Science Review’ which was entitled "Lactate Regulates Major Zygotic Genome Activation by H3K18 Lactylation in Mammals". This study reveals the important role lactate plays in the regulation of mammalian major ZGA genes through H3K18lac, expands the remodeling and functional mechanism of new epigenetic modifications during mammalian preimplantation embryo development, as well as lays a theoretical foundation for improving the in-vitro culture medium of human embryos to improve the success rate of assisted reproduction.

    Dr. LI Jingyu and Dr. HUANG Guoning's team have long been committed to studying the mechanism of the interaction between metabolome and epigenomics in regulating mammalian early embryonic development. In 2022, they published their metabonomics research results of early embryo in the journal ‘Cell Discovery’ which for the first time described the metabolic profile of mouse preimplantation embryos during the whole period, and revealed the functional mechanism by which oxidized NAD and SIRT1 mediate H3K27ac deacetylation to precisely regulate the minor ZGA program. They also found that lactate metabolism was high in 2-cell embryos, suggesting that lactate may play an important role in ZGA.

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