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    Chongqing Medical University Hosted “Walking Toward the Future Hand in Hand with Medical Science” - An “Experience China” Chongqing Tour by M9 Collaboration Art Performance


    On November 17th, 2023, Chongqing Medical University hosted an Experience China Chongqing Tour by M9 Collaboration Art Performance, under the theme of Walking toward Future Hand in Hand with Medical Science at the Tongsheng Auditorium on the Jinyun campus of CQMU. Over 500 international students from 56 countries participated in the live performance, including students from 52 countries along the route of Belt and Road Initiative.

    The performance consists of Appreciate the Beauty of Vibrant Cultures in Bayu and See a World Blessed with Diversity and Harmony. The international students experienced Chinese culture and the distinctive cultures of other countries through martial arts, traditional operas, dances, sitcoms, songs, and cultural heritage performances. The event also featured a special performance by Mr. LIU Guangyu, Vice Chairman of the Chongqing Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chairman of the Chongqing Musicians Association, renowned for his mastery in Erhu performance. Lius mesmerizing rendition of the classic Erhu piece Horse Racing captivated the audience, showcasing the enchanting charm of this thousand-year-old Chinese musical instrument. Liu shared his insights into the relationship between art and medicine, which garnered applause and appreciation from the audience.

    5FE8FThe M9 Collaboration, proposed by CQMU on July 9th, 2021, was established in collaboration with nine medical universities in China, including Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, China Medical University, Harbin Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University, Anhui Medical University, and Southern Medical University. The M9 Collaboration places significant emphasis on advancing the international development of medical universities in China, specifically addressing emerging challenges in the internationalization of education. By facilitating consultation and cooperation, strengthening partnerships, pursuing mutual development, and envisioning future prospects, M9 aims to foster international exchanges and cooperation, innovative developments in medical education, establish a novel framework for open communication, and cultivate medical talents that are globally competitive.