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    The 2023 International Youth Scholars Forum of Chongqing Medical University Has Been Successfully Held


    On November 17th, 2023, the opening ceremony of the 2023 International Youth Scholars Forum (hereinafter referred to as the “Forum”) of Chongqing Medical University was held at the Academic Conference Hall of the Innovation Centre Chongyi of CQMU. Prof. TIAN Jie, Vice President of CQMU, presided over the opening ceremony.

    This Forum, being one of the featured events of the 2023 Chongqing International Talent Exchange Conference, on the theme of Gathering Talents from All, Composing a New Eras Call. It aimed to facilitate in-depth discussions and research in the fields of medicine, life sciences, and related interdisciplinary subjects. Through academic exchange and cooperation, a talent signing ceremony was held on-site, bringing together talents from home and abroad. Appointment letters were awarded to representatives of 20 recently recruited talents at the Forum.

    Prof. HUANG Ailong, President of CQMU, delivered a keynote speech titled “Gathering Talents from All, Composing a New Era’s Call”. He presented a comprehensive and lively overview of the strategic initiatives undertaken by CQMU, with a specific emphasis on fostering talent development. He envisioned a bright future empowered by the “talent engine” and highlighted the pivotal role of young talents as a driving force. As a local talent dedicating 35 years to CQMU, Prof. Huang shared his own experiences of growth and development.

    The Forum lasted for three days, consisting of one main forum and fifteen sub-forums. Following the opening ceremony, fifteen colleges organized sub-forums in the form of academic exchanges, platform visits, and talent negotiations, including College of Basic Medicine, College of Laboratory Medicine, College of Public Health, College of Pharmacy, College of Biomedical Engineering, College of Medical Informatics, College of Nursing, Institute of Life Sciences, Institute for Brain Science and Disease, the First Clinical College, the Second Clinical College, College of Pediatric, College of Stomatology, the Fourth Clinical College, and Women and Children’s Hospital of CQMU.