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    Prof. HUANG Xupei from Florida Atlantic University Medical College Visiting CQMU


    On December 22, 2023, Prof. HUANG Xupei, a tenured professor at the Florida Atlantic University Medical College and a visiting adjunct professor of Chongqing Medical University, visited the Jinyun Campus and delivered an engaging presentation titled “American Medical Education, Physician Training, and Recent Medical Reforms” to students of CQMU students. The exchange event was organized as part of the “International Perspective Enhancing Activities” by the Foreign Affairs Office, with Ms. WANG Yu, director of Foreign Affairs Office, presiding over the session.

    Prof. HUANG provided insights into the talent cultivation system in American medical education, highlighting the characteristics and curriculum designs of medical education at various levels of American medical colleges. He also shared vivid examples from his experiences in education and research under different medical education systems, along with his reflections on the ongoing reforms in American medical education. Attendees, including faculty and students, actively participated in discussions on the future trends of integrating medical education with artificial intelligence, as well as bilateral exchange channels for students from China and abroad.

    In addition to the academic exchange, Prof. HUANG visited Medical Informatics Experimental Teaching Centre of CQMU, the Chongqing Human Life and Health Museum, the themed exhibition on the spirit of Westward Migration and the related sculptures.

    This exchange not only broadened the international perspective of our students but also provided valuable experiences. It served as inspiration for the international development and personal career planning of students and offered beneficial insights and innovative ideas for furthering international medical education exchanges of CQMU.