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    Prof. Yutaka Takakubo from the Department of Business of Nihon University Visits The Affiliated Yongchuan Hospital of Chongqing Medical University


    On March 15, 2024, Professor Yutaka Takakubo, professor of the Department of Business of Nihon University, doctoral supervisor, and Co-standing Secretary General of International Federation of East Asian Management Associations, and his delegation visited The Affiliated Yongchuan Hospital of Chongqing Medical University for investigation and exchange.

    Accompanied by Professor LIU li, Secretary of the CPC Committee of The Affiliated Yongchuan Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Professor Takakubo and his delegation visited the hospital’s Da’an Campus (Regional Emergency Hospital of Western Chongqing) and Xinglonghu Campus. They conducted in-depth discussion on the development positioning and planning of “One Hospital, Multiple Districts”, and shared the modern management model of Japanese hospitals.

    Professor Liu expressed her gratitude to Professor Takakubo for sharing his valuable insights.. She pointed out that this discussion was based on the present and focused on the future. She further expressed that “Stones from other hills were served to polish the jade of this one”, during the critical period of the hospital’s transformation and development towards “One Hospital, Multiple Districts”, it made forward-looking thinking and far-reaching preparations about the further deepening of the management and reformation, the optimisation of hospital management, and the construction of modern hospital management system.

    In addition, Professor Takakubo experienced the floating acupuncture technique of Professor Ma Kunlong, associate chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics (Trauma) of the hospital. After Professor Ma confirmed the patient’s condition through a physical examination, he used a needle to perform targeted treatment on the tight muscles in the lower back, thigh, and calf. He also introduced the medical theory and operating points of the floating acupuncture technique in detail.

    Professor Takakubo praised the technique after personally experiencing it. He was amazed by the skill and technique utilised and experienced relief from years of chronic pain. He also expressed that he would vigorously promote China’s floating acupuncture technique after returning to Japan, so that everyone can experience this valuable treatment method.