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    The 2024 Chinese University Rankings on Soft Sciences have been Officially Released, and CQMU has Achieved its Best Historical Performance


    On April 18th of 2024, the ranking of Chinese Universities in the field of medicine was officially published by Shanghai Ranking. In total 84 medical universities were on the list, with Chongqing Medical University making a significant leap to 9th place, up from 12th place in 2023. This is the highest ranking CQMU has achieved since the founding of our university.

    Since the initiation of "the 14th Five-Year Plan", CQMU has concentrated our efforts on the strategic aim of being one of the best medical universities in China. CQMU is focusing on high-quality development, and optimizing the layout of disciplines and majors, which will show the effect of our talent education and enhance the overall strength of our university.

    The evaluation system for Chinese University Rankings includes 10 evaluation aspects: education, subjects, resources, faculty scale and structure, talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, high-level talents, major projects and results, and international competitiveness. It is a multidimensional monitoring evaluation of the level of education at Chinese universities, with 36 evaluative dimension subdivisions and 100 evaluative indicators.