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A Letter to International Faculty and Students


Chongqing Medical University

A Letter to International Faculty and Students


Dear international faculty and students of CQMU:

Happy New Year!

As you know, the novel coronavirus pneumonia broke out in China at present. The Chinese people are now fighting a very serious battle against the epidemic. Chongqing government has initiated level-I Response of Public Health Emergency. CQMU is as always caring about everyone’s safety and health. To ensure CQMUers’ health and a peaceful holiday, CQMU hereby calls on everyone to do as follows:

Pay close attention to relevant news reports on prevention and control of new pneumonia which are issued by CQMU authoritative media, keeping track of the latest epidemic news, while learning the knowledge of disease prevention and self-protection.

For international students who are not on campus at present, do not return on campus before the official starting day of the next semester. For international faculty who are not on campus at present, stay at home for medical observation for 2 weeks after returning to campus or Chongqing. The university will postpone the starting of the spring semester. The exact date for registration will be released later based on the epidemic situation. Please arrange your trip back accordingly.

For those International faculty and students who stay on campus or in Chongqing during the winter vacation, strengthen self-protection with less outdoor activities as much as you can, and keep the campus clean and safe. Wear mask correctly when going out. From Jan. 27, 2020, to strengthen the campus safety, every faculty member should show their work identity, campus card or passport, while students should show their student ID or passport when entering CQMU campuses.  

For those who stay on campus at present, please have meals in the Student Dining Halls on campus, and buy grocery in the stores on campus, trying not to leave campus. For those who stay off campus but in Chongqing, have meals at home as much as possible, reducing outdoor activities, and not entering campus during the epidemic in principle.

For those International faculty and students who stay on campus or in Chongqing during the winter vacation, report where you are and your health situation to your college, your teacher or Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) on a timely manner every day. It is forbidden to report false or concealed information.

If you have ever come into contact with relatives, classmates or friends who returned from Hubei and other places, pay close attention to your own physical condition and stay at home for medical observation for two weeks (14 days). Report to your batch teacher (students) or FAO (faculty). During the observation period, wear a mask, have more rest, do not go out without permission, and do not participate in any kinds of parties. At the same time, maintain hygiene of yourself and your daily necessities.

Always pay attention to the health of yourself and your family members.  The initial stage of pneumonia infected by new coronavirus is mainly characterized by fever, fatigue and dry cough. If you have such symptoms, report immediately to your teacher (students) or FAO (faculty) and go to the fever clinics of the assigned hospitals (the First Affiliated Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of CQMU) for medical treatment as soon as possible.  DO inform medical professionals your history of flow or case contact in the epidemic area.

Once you are suspected or confirmed with pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, report immediately to your teacher (students) or FAO (faculty).  Hotline of International Insurance (2019-nCoV) project: 4008105119 (7/24). The university will help with insurance claims.

Avoid going to crowded places and close contact with patients with influenza-like symptoms; if you really need to go to public places, like shopping malls, stations, airports or hospitals,  wear masks correctly to reduce the risk of infection; do not go to Hubei Province. It is strongly suggested to cancel plans for traveling.

Avoid contact with wild animals, and refuse to eat wild animals; reduce contact with live livestock and poultry; raw food and cooked food must be strictly separated. All food should be thoroughly cooked.

Pay attention to personal hygiene and protection. Wash hands frequently. Open your window more often for ventilation. Do not spit. Cover your nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing. Wrap then dispose tissue and masks after using them into Hazardous Waste bins.

When facing with the epidemic, it is necessary to stay rational, do not panic, make rumors, believe rumors, or spread rumors. Keep good living habits with regular exercise to improve your immunity. Make use of your medical professional knowledge to help people in need when necessary. But do remember to take proper protective measures before helping others.

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Let's start from now on to make joint efforts to fight against the epidemic. We sincerely hope that all of you meet the future both physically and mentally healthy!


Chongqing Medical University 

30 January 2020