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A Letter to International Faculties and Students For 2021 Winter Vacation From Chongqing Medical University


Dear international faculties and students,


As the winter vacation is around the corner, CQMU wishes you a happy and peaceful vacation.


However, as you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has surged a new peak since 2021, with over 100 million confirmed cases worldwide. It is still hard to contain the virus both in China and around the world.

For a better vacation, here are some tips for you:


For all individuals:

Pay more attention to the information about covid-19 released by the authorities. Learn the means to contain the virus so as to protect yourself better.

  Be careful about personal hygiene, wash hands often, and do more exercise to boost your immunity.

  Dont go to crowded public places. Always wear a facial mask when you are outside.

Remain calm during this special period. Do not create, believe or even spread any rumors regarding the virus.


For those who stay in Chongqing:

  Avoid unnecessary trips outside Chongqing, especially to medium/high-risk areas.

  Enter or leave campuses as required by relevant regulations.

  Be aware of your health condition.

  Report your health condition and location as follows:

1. Foreign students should report to your counselor;

2. International faculties should report to both the college and Foreign Affairs Office.

3. From 23rd Jan to 9th Feb, report before 12 am every Wednesday.

4. From 10th Feb to 23rd Feb, report before 12 am everyday.

5. If special situation happens, please report immediately.


If you ever had any close contact with relatives, classmates or friends from medium/high-risk areas, please report as soon as possible and pay close attention to your health condition.

  Please report immediately once you are suspected or confirmed with covid-19.

  Insurance for COVID-19 (7*24) Hotline : 4008105119


For those overseas:

  Do not return to school before receiving official notification from the university

  Keep in contact with the university, and update your contacts and address in time.

  It is everyones responsibility to contain the virus. Lets work together and put joint efforts during this special time. We believe we will finally win the battle against covid-19.


Wish you a happy and peaceful vacation!




Chongqing Medical University

28th Jan 2021