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A Letter to International CQMUers


August 1, 2021

Dear international CQMUers,

As you may know, new COVID-19 cases were reported in a few cities in China recently, including 2 new cases in Chongqing.

To better contain the virus and lower the risk of transmitting, Chongqing Medical University restores virus containing policies.

Here we kindly remind you of protecting yourselves during pandemic, with some tips for you as follows:


For those from medium/high-risk areas:

Please report yourselves to both your colleges and communities, and get tested.


For all CQMUers:

  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible.

  • Wear a mask when going out. Wear a mask properly and change it when it gets wet.

  • Wash hands. Try not to touch public stuff. Use disinfectant often when you are out. Wash you hands with soap and running water as soon as you are back home.

  • Keep social distance. Do not go to crowed places and keep one-meter distance. Try not to join a gathering.

  • Do not travel abroad or go to medium/high-risk areas.

  • Pay more attention to the information about COVID-19 released by the authorities. Remain calm during this special period. Do not create, believe or even spread any rumors regarding the virus.


For those who stay in China:

  • Do not travel outside Chongqing, especially to medium/high-risk areas.

  • Come back to Chongqing if you in low-risk areas in China.

  • Campus will be guarded more strictly. Only CQMUers with green health code can enter campus.

  • Be aware of your health condition.

  • Report your health condition and location as follows:

  1. Foreign students should report to your counselor.

  2. International faculties should report to both your college and Foreign Affairs Office.

  3. In any special cases, please report immediately.

  • If you ever had any close contact with relatives, classmates or friends from medium/high-risk areas, please report as soon as possible and pay close attention to your health condition.

  • Please report immediately once you are suspected or confirmed with covid-19.

It is everyone's responsibility to contain the virus. Let's work together and put joint efforts during this special time. We believe we will finally win the battle against COVID-19.

Wish you a happy and peaceful vacation!


International Faculty&Students Group,

Office of the Leading Group of

Covid-19 Prevention and Contain,

Chongqing Medical University